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Accelerated Reader Program
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Welcome to the St. John Neumann School Library web page. Another school year is off and running.

Many students are already eagerly taking Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes, especially the second and fifth graders. Everyone is so proud to be able to choose a prize after completing a level or reaching one of the milestones in the point club. We had our first AR Club game party on October 8. Anyone who had earned Independent Reader or higher was a member for October. In the past, UNO has been their favorite game to play. To discover what levels must be reached to attend future AR Club meetings, see the link below. There is also a link to which levels must be reached for each month. Parents wishing to keep track of how their youngsters are doing with AR can follow the link below. Each month an additional level will need to be met to stay in the club. Perhaps your young student can join us. Students can wear their buttons every day, if they choose. It's always fun to see students wear all  the buttons they have earned! If you have any additional questions regarding Accelerated Reader you can check out one of these websites provided by Renaissance Learning.

•  A Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader

•  A Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader - Spanish

We continue to have our Points Club for students less interested in meeting the more specific qualifications of our leveled AR goals. The older students in particular are more interested in this points club option since many of them prefer to just read fiction books and don't want to be bothered reading the specific criteria such as non-fiction, biographies,etc. Points are awarded according to the number of words in a book. So picture books are usually only half a point but a Harry Potter Book could be 30 points or more. To see who has achieved awards for the Points Club see the link below.

Parents who wish to help their child(ren) find books that are part of the Accelerated Reader program, be aware that there is a site which allows you to check to see if any book (not just the ones from our school library) is an Accelerated Reader title. All you need is an internet connection. The site is Once there, just type in the book title and it will tell you if the title is indeed an AR title plus the grade reading level and points assigned to that book. It also gives a short synopsis of what the story is about.This will allow both students and parents to check on whether a book from home or the public library is an AR book. Happy reading to all. Watch for those certificates to come home and encourage your child to participate. It not only means that they are reading and understanding what they are reading, but it also means that they are being exposed to many different genres of literature as they fulfill the various requirements. It makes me so happy to see students try reading books that they might never have looked at on their own . . . and find that they enjoy reading them too! See the link below to see how your young reader is doing during the 2015-2016 school year. As the school year begins, be sure to encourage reading (maybe 15 minutes a day) and read to them too. Even older children love to be read to. It is a good time to help your child quiet down after a busy day and is a good bonding experience for you and your child(ren) as well. Here is a link that enumerates some reasons why you should encourage your child to read:

Build Successful Readers: Strategies for Parents

 Build Successful Readers: Strategies for Parents – Spanish

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