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Welcome to Kindergarten! » Kindergarten Sight Words by Month

Kindergarten Sight Words by Month

the, and, I, it, said, up, is, to, a, you, in, for, look, red


go, little, can, not, my, big, where, we, down, see, one, me, come, orange


jump, here, make, play, find, funny, was, away, help, two, run, three, he, yellow


that, she, on, but, with, there, be, am, they, at, all, out, have, green


do, did, what, so, get, like, this, will, yes, went, are, now, no, blue

new, must, soon, our, ate, say, under, please, of, his, had,him, her, pink

some, as, then, could, when, were, them, ask, an, over, just, from, black, white

any, how, know, put, take, every, old, by, after, think, let, going, walk, brown

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