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Kindergarten Curriculum
English Language Arts

Kindergarten students will develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through the framework of Daily 5.  Students spend time each day working on decoding and comprehension skills, reading independently or with a partner, writing independently, listening to reading, engaging in word work (High Frequency sight word activities) and meeting in small guided reading groups with me to support effective reading strategies as students explore both fiction and informational texts.  


Students will learn about numbers, counting to 100, adding, subtracting, measuring, shapes, graphs, time, and money.  Students will become problem solvers.  Students will use visual tools such as tens frames and tallies to represent number concepts.  

Students will read about and explore the following units this year:
* living and non-living
* 5 Senses
* Plants and Animals & their Life Cycles
* Weather and Seasons
* Caring for Our Planet
* Continents and Oceans

Social Studies

Students will read about and explore these units:

* Rights and Responsibilities of Belonging to a Family, School, & Faith Community
* Our Country and Its Holidays & Symbols
* Map Globe Knowledge


Religion studies will teach our children about God, Jesus, and the Holy Family.  They will
also learn about Saints and their feast days, and Church Seasons and Celebrations.  Students pray together with our community daily in the morning and as a school community at the close of our school day.  We give thanks to God before our snack and lunch mealtimes.  Spontaneous prayer throughout our learning day will be encouraged and practiced.  We will attend Monday Mass with our school and parish community.  


Kindergarten students will visit the computer lab weekly.  Computer lab instruction will support all subject areas and provide reinforcement practice to strengthen their skills.

Special Area Classes:
Physical Education, Library, Art, Music, & Spanish

Mrs. Jamison's Class
St. Jude the Apostle School
42 Dana Avenue
Wynantskill NY 12198

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