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Important Due Dates:                                         Density Quick Quiz II, Wednesday 12/17..Study your 6 index cards!  Take the Edmodo HW Study Quiz 2 due 12/17

Metric Measurement - Mass Lab 
Due Date: Friday, December 12th

Complete Lab Report Includes: (See your lab anchor chart for details.)
  • Heading, Lab Title, Introduction, Massing Instruments w/images
  • Hypothesis Statement
  • Data Sheet
  • Conclusion Questions w/images and Conclusion Statement (Using Google Docs/Science Lab Folder)          
The conference period is a great time to get extra help with your assignments.

Mrs. Grant                                                                                   

Welcome to Mrs. Grant's World of Science!                        
Check out the Classroom News icon for upcoming assignments and Team 6B announcements.

This Year's Sixth Grade Science Experience ....

This year we will take a scientific journey using the scientific method as our vehicle to explore matterenergy, astronomy, and light. You will develop your science process skills while becoming true young scientists ready to explore the world around you.
The bolded text represents the unit we are currently exploring.       


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Team 6B!

Please ensure that your child is prepared for class with their tools for learning everyday.  Being prepared and organized are important parts of their academic success. 

Please check your child's assignment pad weekly to ensure that homework assignments and project due dates are being noted. 

If you think your child could use some help with study skills, organization, or project guidelines, please encourage her or him to use the conference period after school for extra help.  The conference period is from 2:45 to 3:15.

Together we can make this a successful academic year!

Mrs. Grant



Science Supplies

* One Three-Ring Binder with Clear View Cover
   (1 inch)
* Three-Ring Binder Pencil Case
* Six Tab Dividers with Pockets 
    Class Notes, Lab Reports, Test/Quiz
    Review, Minds On!, and Homework
* 24 Box Colored Pencils - Pencil Case
* Highlighter-Pencil Case
* 1 Two Pocket Poly Folder  - Locker
* 100 (3x5) Ruled Index Cards - Locker

Science Beakers

Study Tip!
Here is a great website for making flash cards. 


Mrs. Grant's Contact Information
Voice Mail: (973)378-2772  ext. 2426
Room 120 

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