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Science Units - Find information on a variety of science concepts. Enjoy the wealth of materials and resources available here.

Classroom Ideas - How can you manage your classroom even better than you are now? This link shares classroom policies, what to do on those first and last days of school and so much more.

Science Starters - Science Starters typically take 5 minutes or less to complete and provide students with a focused activity to start class. I also like to use the starters to review material we have covered in class. It helps me gauge what they have remembered from previous lessons or lets me know that additional lessons are needed.

Teacher Websites - Check out the abundant supply of lesson plan links, clip art sites, and phenomenal science related sites on the Internet.

100 Classroom Videos - With so many good teachers out there, it’s fortunate they can share their knowledge via video on the Internet. From the funny to the poignant, these glimpses into the lives of teachers and their students will keep you entertained while learning a little something as well. Whether you are a new teacher storing up tips and tricks or an experienced teacher who could just use a fresh perspective, you are sure to find something helpful among these videos.

100 Video Sites for Educators - It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran teacher or a newbie — finding new ways to get students engaged in the classroom is always a great thing. One way many teachers are reaching out is with the multitude of material found on the web, allowing them to turn everyday lessons into a multimedia experience. You can find a great amount of helpful material on these sites, including videos to augment your lessons, lectures to inspire students, documentaries to show them how things work, and loads of additional videos to help you become a better, smarter teacher.

Teacher Tools -
A wealth of ideas to help with communication (forms/letters), discipline, academics, and other areas of education.

100 Helpful Webites for New Teachers - You’ve been preparing for teaching for years, and now you finally get your chance to have a class of your own. The following websites are loaded with helpful information that new teachers will appreciate.

Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld (YouTube Video)

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