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Fourth Grade Supply List for 2017-2018

Please label the fronts of notebooks and folders with student name and subject.

3 subject spiral notebook- blue (Math)

1 subject spiral notebook- red (ELA)

1 subject spiral notebook- orange (Science)

1 subject spiral notebook- green (Social Studies)

1 subject notebook- any color (Religion)

1 2-subject notebook with 2 pockets (Spanish)

1 composition notebook (Journal)

Graph Paper composition notebook (STREAM)

5 2-pocket folders- different colors/designs (Home Folder, Friday Folder, Health, Music, Religion)

2 boxes #2 Ticonderoga pencils, sharpened

1 24-count box Crayola crayons

1 10-count box fine tip Crayola markers

1 12-count box colored pencils

1 pair scissors

1 12 inch hard wood or plastic ruler with inches and centimeters

1 hand held pencil sharpener

1 plastic pencil box

2 packages of eraser caps

1 4-ounce bottle white glue

1 package glue sticks

1 4-pack dry erase markers

1 flash drive (you can use the one from last year)

1 package loose leaf paper- wide rule

1 container disinfecting wipes

2 rolls paper towels

3 boxes tissues

Mrs. Foley's Class
St. Jude the Apostle School