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Fourth Grade Handbook Fourth Grade Handbook




 Welcome to Fourth Grade!  This is an important and exciting year!  The girls and boys are building on the skills they have learned over the years and working to increase their overall knowledge, social skills, and independence. Our classroom will use a balance of independent work, small group lessons, and whole class instruction that will include discussion, written work and hands on activities.

The students will attend weekly mass on Mondays. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we will have an in class religion lesson or activity, and on Thursdays and Fridays they will have more formal religion instruction with Mr. Ascioti.  The class will work on ELA (which includes reading, writing, spelling, grammar, listening and speaking) and math on a daily basis.  Science and social studies will each happen about twice a week.  All the subject areas are not exclusive of each other.  There is often overlap among them. Of course, our schedule is flexible when other school activities and events come up.

Throughout the year I will spend time helping the children to learn to understand their importance and uniqueness in the world.   They are at a point where they are becoming more aware of their feelings and emotions. We will work on positive ways to express ourselves and show empathy and sympathy for others.

Specials Schedule

Monday –Library, Tech

Tuesday- Art, Health

Wednesday-Physical Education, STREAM

Thursday-Spanish, Religion, Music, Chorus

Friday-Physical Education, Religion, Spanish


Fourth Grade Supply List   Please label the fronts of notebooks and folders with student name and subject.

3 subject spiral notebook- blue (Math), 1 subject spiral notebook- red (ELA), 1 subject spiral notebook- orange (Science), 1 subject spiral notebook- green (Social Studies), 1 subject notebook- any color (Religion), 1 3-subject notebook with 2 pockets (Spanish), 1 composition notebook (Journal), Graph Paper composition notebook (STREAM), 5 2-pocket folders- different colors/designs (Home Folder, Friday Folder, Health, Music, Religion), 2 boxes #2 Ticonderoga pencils, sharpened, 1 24-count box Crayola crayons, 1 10-count box fine tip Crayola markers, 1 12-count box colored pencils, 1 pair scissors, 1 12 inch hard wood or plastic ruler with inches and centimeters, 1 hand held pencil sharpener, 1 plastic pencil box, 2 packages of eraser caps, 1 4-ounce bottle white glue, 1 package glue sticks, 1 4-pack dry erase markers, 1 flash drive (you can use the one from last year), 1 package loose leaf paper- wide rule,  1 container disinfecting wipes, , 2 rolls paper towels, 3 boxes tissues

Classroom Rules

1.      Listen quietly and look at the person talking.

2.     Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3.     Work quietly.

4.     Follow directions.

5.     Use kind words.

6.     Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Consequences:  If after several reminders a student continues to break a rule, his/her name will be written on the white board, followed by check marks for continued misbehaviors.  Each check mark will result in time off of recess.  In the event of extreme or continuous misbehavior, the parent and Mrs. Cox will be notified.


Morning Snack

We have a mid morning snack.  Students should bring a snack and drink (if you did not order snack milk) in addition to what they bring for lunch.  Please remember to send snack on days your child buys lunch.



Fourth grade will have homework Monday through Thursday night. Occasionally there may be weekend homework.  Your child will bring home their agenda each night with homework assignments written in it.  In addition to homework I assign, there may also be homework from the ‘special’ classes. This will be written in the agenda as well.

All homework should be done by the child in his/her own handwriting.  Offer assistance as needed, but let the child do as much as possible on their own.  All homework is a review of class work and previously learned skills.

Completion of homework will be recorded and will count towards report card grades. If a student does not return completed homework to school on the day it is due, they will get one freebie.  After that the student will need to complete the assignment during recess and will bring home a ‘Missing Homework’ notice to be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher.

Grade 4 Homework Grading Rubric

Each fourth grade homework assignment is worth up to 5 points as described below.  Occasionally homework assignments may also count for a quiz grade.

This rubric is only for fourth grade classroom assignments. Homework assigned by special area teachers will be graded by their particular methods. 




Handed in on time, complete, good effort


Handed in up to one day late, complete, good effort


Handed in on time, poorly done and/or incomplete


Handed in more than 2 days late, complete,  good effort


Handed in more than 2 days late, incomplete and/or poorly done


Not handed in at all


Grading System

Most student papers will come home marked by the teacher in some way. I do monitor all class work.  Some papers will have stars, smiley faces, etc.  Other papers may have a numerical grade (0-100).  Papers with a score below 75 may need to be corrected by the student, signed by the parent, and returned to school.  Report card grades will be numbers. Passing is any grade 70% or higher.



Report Cards and Progress Reports

Report cards will come home in November, February, April and June.

Progress Reports will come home the middle of each quarter: October, December,

March and May.  Progress reports are a quick look at how your child is doing so far for the quarter.

Homework Folder

Your child will bring home their homework folder each day.  Please look for it.  School work and notices will be in the folder.  Please have your child empty the folder each day. Look through the papers.  Each morning in school your child empties their folder and hands in homework and any notes from home.  If your family situation requires duplicates of notices, please let me know so we can accommodate you.


Friday Folder

On Fridays (or the last day of a shortened week), your child will bring home their Friday Folder. It will contain corrected and graded papers. There may also be notices from the office.  Please look over the work, sign the form inside the front cover of the folder, and return the folder to school on Monday.



“Fourth Grade News” will come home on Fridays in your child’s Friday Folder. It will also be posted on the class website.


If your child is absent, please call school and let us know the reason.  Per New York State law, you must also write an excuse note when your child returns.  Your child may have work to make up when they return.



Students may send in a treat (cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc) to celebrate their birthdays.  Please send in a note or send an e-mail a day or 2 in advance so I can plan ahead.  There are 18 students in our class.  Please keep the treats simple. Precut large cakes if necessary.

Students may have an Out of Uniform Day in honor of their birthday.  If their birthday falls on a weekend or vacation day, they can choose their day.  The only exception is Monday.  We go to Mass on Mondays and the students are required to wear their dress uniform that day.

If you send in party invitations, there must be enough for either all the students, or all the girls if you have a daughter, or all the boys if you have a son.  If not, please make other arrangements for sending invitations.

Label, Label, Label  Please label all your child’s outerwear (sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, etc), lunch boxes, water bottles, and other belongings.  It can be difficult and time consuming to return items to students if they are not labeled.  They don’t always recognize their own things.


During the course of the year please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.  You can send in a note, e-mail me at , or call the school office (283-0333) to leave a message.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  We can work together to make fourth grade a great year for your child!

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