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The web links provided below include interesting sites we've visited in class, as well as fun sites to try on your own!

Fun & Interesting Web Sites
Link - description
National Geographic Kids
Nifty science and nature information, games, and more. Check out the Little Kids section, too!
Cool Math
Math and strategy games and puzzles for all ages!
Fun Brain
Lots of learning games for all grade levels.
Lego Games
Lego based games for all ability levels.
PBS Kids
Based on PBS kids programming, choose a favorite character from the "Wheel of Fun" for games, videos, and printable learning activities. Parent Pages and mobile apps, too!
Enrichment activities and video links for learners of all ages.
Wonderful assortment of games and stories for budding readers! Multilevel progression.
Science Kids
Science fun for everyone! Virtual experiments, cool videos, games, and more!
Make word clouds! Copy and paste text, or write your own... wonderful brainstorming tool! Not Chrome friendly - use in FireFox or Edge.
Mo Willems' Website
Games and stories from our friends Pigeon, Knuffle Bunny, Elephant & Pig and more!
Book news everyone can use!
SkippyJon Jones
Games and songs with our favorite kitty!
Brain Pop Jr
Informative movies with integrated activities in ELA, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Health. Lots of fun things to click! Log In with User Name stjudetheapostle and Password sjs to access full content.
Math practice with tutorials! Tracks your progress and awards virtual prizes! Student K-6 have their own unique user names, all passwords are sjs.
Tate Kids
Art projects to play with both on and off line!
Leveled games and skills practice for grades K-5
Made With Code
Simple coding projects using Blocky
Hour Of Code
Coding projects for kids of all ages. Topics include Frozen, Star Wars, Minecraft, Flappy Bird, and more!
Dance Mat Typing
Touch Typing lessons
Magnet Games
Play with magnetic fields!
Hubble Site
Amazing gallery of images from the Hubble Space Telescope
Smithsonian for Students
Check out a solar system tour or be an astronaut
Kid Science Challenge
Be a virtual scientist
Science driven by curiosity!
CBC Little Kids
CBC (Canada's PBS) for kids 6 and under
CBC Big Kids
CBC (Canada's PBS) for kids 6 and up
Electricity - Interactive Games
Circuits in action!
Science Bob!
Fun kid friendly experiments and the science behind the results!
Fun Paper Airplanes
Templates and instructions for awesome airplanes!
Math skills practice in an adventure game format

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