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WebQuests » Dinosaur WebQuest

Dinosaur WebQuest

 Dinosaur WebQuest

Grade 2




You've got mail! - Click on the envelope! 


The Task

You will learn about one dinosaur and the time period in which it lived. You will then use differnt software to organize your facts and create a Dinosaur Museum Plaque!




1. Watch the Dino Extinction Movie! 

2.Choose your dinosaur. Click on the dinosaur to view the list.


3.Get The Dinosaur Worksheet and a pencil from Ms. Jordan to start  your dinosaur research.   


Learn about the time of the dinosaurs! 
4. Where in time did the dinosaurs live? Use the interactive Timeline!

Dinosaur Time Line 


5. Compare dinosaurs to objects! Click Here To Play!


6. We learn about dinosaurs by digging up their bones. Click below to watch a clip about dinosaur fossils. Then use your Back button on your web browser to return to your webquest.   Getting into Fossil Record


7. Create a picture of your dinosaur using the paint program!

(Do this by clicking on the Start Bar and click on paint.)


8. Open up FILE 2 (Kispiration File) at the bottom of this screen. Use the graphic organizer to help organize your facts about your dinosaur.


9. Open up File 3 (Microsoft Word) The Dinosaur Museum Plaque. Import in your Paint Picture, write a paragraph about your dinosaur, adding 3 other facts and tell us your opinion about this dinosaur. What do you think about it? 







Dinosaur WebQuest

Technology Skills: Rubric

Circle yes or no after reflecting on your technology skills and your work. Pass in the rubric to Ms. Jordan, when you’re done.


I am a Techie! I can do these activities with very little help!

I am working toward being a Techie! I still need some help but I’m working hard!

I am able to get on the Dinosaur WebQuest.



I am able to locate information for the Dinosaur Fact Worksheet from the Dinosaur WebQuest Activities.



I am able to complete my Dinosaur Fact Worksheet.



I am able to complete my Dinosaur project in the Paint Program.



I am able to complete my Dinosaur Museum Plaque by importing my dinosaur picture from the Paint Program and including research information.






Dinosaur Facts

Ms. Jordan's Flashcards

Play Dinosaur Games

Kids Dig Dinos

Dinosaur Interactive Site - National Geographic


Virtual Dinosaur Dig!

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