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Word Sorts for Within Words: Pattern Spellers Word Sorts for Within Words: Pattern Spellers

Sort 1: Picture Sort for Long and Short a

(Early Within Word Pattern: Picture Sort for Short and Long Vowels)

Short a: crab, map, hat, bat, bag, grass, flag, man

Long a: skate, frame, shave, rain, snail, grapes, plate, chain, game, rake, snake

Oddball: foot

Sort #2: Picture Sort for Long and Short i

(Early Within Word Pattern: Picture Sort for Short and Long Vowels)

Short i (pig): fish, lid, lips, hill, twins, swim

Long i (kite): pie, drive, slide, hive, nine, smile, dive, fire, vine, five, prize, bride

Oddball: net 

Sort 3: Picture Sort for Long and Short o

short o (sock): rock, mop, dot, lock, fox, top

long o (bone): smoke, toes, road, nose, robe, goat, ghost, coat, soap, hose, boat

oddball: web

Sort 4: Picture Sort for Long and Short u

u (cup): rug, thumb, tub, bug, truck, plug, sun, drum, gum, nut

u (tube): glue, suit, spoon, mule, moon, shoe, flute, fruit, roof

Oddball: skate

Sort 5: Picture Sort for Long and Short e

short e (bed): sled, vest, bell, dress, desk, nest, leg

long e (feet): peas, deer, cheese, seal, sheep, sweep, tree, jeep, wheel, queen, sleep

oddball: fork

Sort 6: Review of Long Vowels with Word Matches

Long a (cake): tape, cane, snake

Long e (feet): bee, tree

Long i (kite): bike, bride

Long o (bone): cone, rose

Long u (tube): cube, flute

Sort 7: Short a Versus Long a (CVCe)

Short a (cat): last, glass, fast, snap, sack, ask, grass, hand, mad, bat

Long a (cake): make, face, same, gate, name, page, rake, came, whale, made

Oddball: what

Additional Words: fact, sand, bath, math, swam, chat, class, tame, fake, wade, grape, flame, scale, fame, lane, whale, blame, blaze, skate


Sort 8: Short i verses Long i in CVCe

Short i (pig): swim, rich, stick, thin, flip, gift, clip, spill, kick, dish

Long i (kite): five, drive, mice, dice, hike, nice, while, knife, nine, prize

Oddball: give

Additional Words: slid, grin, skip, grip, fifth, skill, shine, glide, pride, spine, tribe, ripe, pine, price, file, drive, life, hive, smile, while, climb (oddball)


Sort #9: Short o versus long o (CVCe)


Short o (sock): rock, job, hot, spot, pot, chop, clock


Long o (bone): home, stove, hose, cone, hope, those, joke, nose, broke, woke, hole, rope


Oddball: come, some


Additional Words: flock, plot, flop, slot, plop, clog, lone, pole, mole, tone, vote, robe, role, choke, stole, once, dove


Sort 10: Short u versus long u in CVCe

Short u (cup): just, drum, bus, hunt, jump, shut, club, cut, such, plus

Long u (tube): use, huge, June, cube, rude, flute, mule, cute, tune, tube

Oddball: put


Sort 11: Short versus long review (CVC and CVCe)


CVC Short: which, wax, skin, crab, lots, gum, drip, crop


CVCe Long: these, mule, rule, note, safe, wife, cape, tide, vote, wipe, race


Oddball: done, have

Sort 12: Final /k/ sound spelled -ck, ke, or -k

-ck (kick): sick, lock, duck, pack, lick, sock, truck

-ke (take): bike, shake, spoke, duke, strike, smoke, like

-k (took): shook, cook, look, book

Sort 13: Short a and Long a (CVCe and CVVC)

CVC: black, rash, flash, camp

CVCe: space, frame, place, blame, tale, mane

CVVC: rain, brain, paint, train, tail, main, chain, faint

Oddball: said, want

Sort 14: Short o and Long o (CVCe and CVVC)

CVC: box, knock, stop,drop

CVCe: rode, stone, chose, slope, whole

CVVC: road, float, boat, goat, soap, foam, load, goal, toad, coat

Oddballs: love, one

Sort 15: Short u and Long u (CVCe and CVVC)

CVC: crust, bump, skunk, trust

CVCe: cube, dude, prune

CVVC: food, bloom, smooth, broom, mood, moon, spoon, tooth

CVVC: fruit, suit, juice

Oddballs: build, from

Additional Words: cluck, stuff, chunk, rust, fuss, dusk, blush, gust, crude, chute, muse, mute, fume, goof, loop, scoop, loom, booth, cruise, bruise

Sort 16: Short e and Long e (CVVC)

CVC: next, web, less, set

CVVCee: seem, keep, green, sleep, sweep, teeth, feet, week

CVVCea: eat, heat, team, speak, clean, weak, leaf, teach

Oddball: been

Sort 17: "The Devil Sort" Short e (CVC and CVVC) and Long e (CVVC)

Short e (CVC): when, sled

Short e (CVVC): dead, head, bread, breath, death, lead*

Long e (CVVC -ee): trees, street, queen, sweet

Long e (CVVC -ea): each, reach, seat, dream, steam, beach, east, lead*

Oddball: great

*The word lead is a homograh and can be pronounced either with a short or long e sound, so it may be sorted in either sound category.

Additional Words: swept, shelf, wealth, health, tread, beef, geese, breeze, peel, greet, steel, steal, sneak, beam, flea, peak, leak, leash, steak, break (oddballs)

Sort 18: Review for CVVC Pattern (au, oa, ee, ea)

ai: wait, trail, sail, rail

ea: thread, read, deaf, meant, dread

ee: need, sheep, wheel, three, sheets, cheek

ea: beast, leak, neat, pea, cream, read

oa: toast, coast, moan, throat

*Read is a homograph.

Sort 19: Short a and Long a (CVCe, CVVC-ai, and Open Syllable -ay)

CVC: glass, stand, past

CVCe: trade, brave, slave, shape, taste

CVC-ai: nail, grain, aid, raise, gain

CVVC-ay: day, stay, play, clay, tray, may, gray, pray, say

Oddball: they

Additional Words: grand, brass, task, tramp, graze, lame, rate, slate, stale, faith, stain, fail, praise, Spain, lay, jay, sway, ray, slay, sleigh, weigh, neigh

All of the ay words end in a long vowel sound. A syllable or one-syllable word that ends in a long vowel sound 

is called an open syllable. One way of labeling an open-syllable pattern is to label CV or CVV pattern, since the 

long-a sound acts as a vowel in these long -a words.

*When one-syllable words end with the long-a sound they will generally be spelled with ay. Sleigh,

weigh, and neigh are exceptions but then they are homophones of slay, way, and may.

Sort 20: Short o and Long o (CVCe, CVVC -oa, and Open Syllable -ow)

CVC: long, stock

CVCe: froze, globe, wrote, close

CVVC -oa: coal, coach, roast, oat, loaf, roam

CVV -ow: show, blow, slow, grow, flow, throw, row, snow, mow, know

Oddball: whose

Additional Words: dock, prompt, stomp, blond, sole, dome, pose, quote, rove, yoke, Rome, lope, zone, cloak, loaves, boast, coax, loan, own, bow, crow, glow, tow, flown, oddball-broad

*Know-homophone no(These words sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings.)

The k is silent. A word in a previous sort with a silent k is knock.

Another word in this sort with a silent beginning letter is wrote.

*When a syllable of one syllable word ends with a long vowel sound it's an open syllable.

You could label the open syllable pattern by CV or CVV. W acts like a vowel, not a consonant.

Other long-o open syllable words with CV pattern are no, go, so, ho, yoyo.

CVV pattern: toe, hoe, doe, foe, woe

Sort 21: Short u and Long u (Open Syllable -ew and -ue)

CVC: thumb, plump, brush, stuck, junk, trunk

CVC -ew: new, grew, chew, few, flew, knew, blew, dew, crew

CVV -ue: blue, flue, due, glue, true

Oddball: truth, do, sew

Additional Words: crumb, tusk, husk, slump, snuff, shrewd, strew, whew, screw, brew, hue, clue, sue, cue, cruel, fuel

*This sort is full of homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have a different meaning. The words also have a different spelling so we can tell them apart.

*The k is silent in knew. Knew is past tense for know.

*The final w in the ew pattern acts like a vowel so that dew, blew, flew, and so on end in a vowel sound, just like the long-o words that ended in ow did.

Sort 22: Short i and Long i (CVCe, CVVC -igh, and CV Open Syllable -y)

CVC: quick, quit

CVCe: white, twice, quite, fine, write

CVCC-igh: might, high, night, bright, fight, flight, sight, sigh, right

CV-y: why, cry, sky, fly, try, shy

Oddball: live

Additional Words: filth, risk, swift, twist, crime, prime, chime, lime, spice, lice, mite, rise, fright, slight, thigh, spry, dry, sly, rye, lye, dye

Sort 23: Short i and Long i (VCC) with Short O and Long O (VCC)

VCC short i (film): fist, wind

VCC long i (find): wild, child, kind, mind, blind, mind

VCC short o (lost): moth, soft, cost

VCC long o (most): told, cold, both, roll, scold, gold, post, ghost

Oddball: friend

Additional Words: mild, mint, hint, sift, tilt, hind, jolt, colt, bold, host, mold, volt, bolt, loss, moss, broth, comb


Sort 24: Review of Long-Vowel Patterns

Long-a: wave, jail, way

Long-e: bleed, steep, sneak, scene, feast

Long -i: grind, slide, dry, bind, light

Long -o: sold, grow, hold, tone, crow, soak

Long -u: clue, school, drew, pool

CVCC: sold, hold, grind, bind, light

CVVC: bleed, steep, sneak, school, jail, soak, pool, feast

CVCe: wave, tone, slide, scene

CV & CVV: glow, clue, dry, crow, drew, way

Sort 25: ar, are, air

ar: part, start, harm, sharp, dark, shark

are: care, pare, stare, square, bare, fare, hare

air: hair, fair, pair, chair, stair

oddball: pear, wear, bear, where, heart

Additional Words: hart, harp, barb, scar, dark, lark, arch, glare, ware, flare, rare, snare, spare, blare, flair, lair, there, their (oddballs)

Sort 26: er, ear, eer

er: her, perch, herd, fern, germ, clerk, term

ear: hear, fear, spear, clear, near, dear, year

eer: deer, steer, cheer, peer

ear=ur: heard, earth, learn

oddball: there, here

Additional Words: ear, beard, sear, rear, herb, perk, stern, jerk, serve, nerve, queer, sneer, leer, earn, yearn, swear, hearth

Sort 27: ir, ire, ier

ir: girl, first, dirt, third, bird, birth, shirt, fir, whirl, swirl, thirst, chirp, skirt, twirl

ire: fire, wire, tire, hire

ier: drier, pliers, flier, crier

oddball: fur, their

Additional Words: firm, stir, sir, whirr, sire, spire, mire, higher, liar, friar, frier

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