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Computer Final

Alaska Fish and Game
Alaskan Sea Life
Alaska's National Parks
Travel Alaska
Denali for Kids
Anchorage Daily News
State of Alaska Online

American History

-Civil War
American Civil War Homepage
Lincoln's Secret Weapon
Civil War Biographies
The Underground Railroad

-Colonial Era
Coins of Colonial America
Colonial House
Colonial Williamsburg
Raid on Deerfield
Schuyler Flats

New Netherlands virtual Tour

Plimoth Plantation
-Revolutionary War
Declaration of Independence
Drums along the Mohawk

George Washington's World
Liberty:The American Revolution
The Road to Revolution
spies Letters from the Revolution

-More American Revolution Links
America's Story
California Missions
Lewis and Clark
Ancient World -India
Ancient Indus Civilizations
Daily Life in Ancient India
Indian Mythology

Ancient World

 Ancient Scripts
Art of the First Cities
Ancient Mathematics
Cave at Chauvet
Cave at Lauscaux
Hammurabi's Code

Black History Month
Biographies for Black History Month
Real African American Heroes

Ancient China

Ancient China from History for Kids
Ancient China from the British Museum

Ancient China a Visual Sourcebook

Ancient Chinese Writing from Ancient Scripts
The Yellow River

China Bridge
China, Dawn of a Golden Age, 200-750 AD

Cultural China
Daily Life in Ancient China
Forbidden City: A Virtual Tour
Mr. Donn's Ancient China
Mysterious Mummies of China
Selected Myths of Ancient china
The Silk Road

Rice Recipes from Around the World

Altapedia Online
Chiefs of State
Country Reports
National Flags

Ancient Egypt
Visual Geography
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt from Emory University
Ancient Egypt from the British Museum
Ancient Egypt from the Royal Ontario Museum
Ancient Egyptian Science and Technology
Ancient Egypt Cultural Exhibit
Art of Ancient Egypt
Egyptian and Babylonian Mathematics
Clickable Mummy
Construction of the Pyramids
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
Egypt; Secrets of the Ancient World
Egypt's Golden Empire
Egypt's Kings
Egyptian Mathematics
Egyptian mathematics
Eternity Travel
How to Make a Mummy
Mathematics in Ancient Egypt
Mummy Maker from Discovery Kids
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Mysteries of the Nile
Pyramids: The Inside Story
Quest for Immortality
Reeder's Egypt Pages
Tombs of Eternity: Afterlife in Egypt
Tour Ancient Egypt
Treasures of a Sunken City; Egypt's Alexandria
Valley of the Kings

Flags of the U.S.
The U.S. Flag

50 States
Countries at a Glance
Geography from the United States Department of State
Map Machine
Stately Knowledge
Expeditions Atlas


 -The Presidents

American Presidency
American Presidency in Action
List of Presidents
Presidential Trivia
Presidents of the U.S.
Profiles of Presidents
Signatures of U.S. Presidents
The President of the United States
The Presidents from the Whitehouse
U.S. Presidents

-More Government Links

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Celebrate the Constitution
CIA for Kids
Elections the American Way
FBI for Kids for Kids
If you were President
Justice for Kids
Kids in the House (HOuse of Representatives)
Learning Adventures in Citizenship
NYS Assembly Kids Page
PBS Democracy Project
The Constitution for Kids
House of Representatives Kids Page
U.S. Mint for Kids
U.S. Department of State Geographic Learning Site

Aesop's Fable
Alexander the Great
Ancient Greece from the British Museum
Ancient Greek World
Ancient Olympics
Ancient Olympics (from the Perseus Project)
Bronze Age Greece
Classical Mythology
Greece Secrets of the Past
Greek Temple
Knossos the palace of Minos
Mr. Donn's Daily Life in Ancient Greece
Plato (2)

Science in Ancient Greece
Warfare in Hellas
Winged Sandals

Anne Frank House
Children of the Holocaust
Daring to Resist
Timeline of the Holocaust

Stories of Yesterday and Today

British Museum of Ancient India
Coins of Ancient India
Daily Life in Ancient India
Hindu Devotion
Indus Valley Civilization
Life of Siddartha
Meeting God Elements of Hindu Devotion
Siddartha Guatama
Stories from Indian Mythology
The Hindu University

Islam and the Muslim World
Al Islam

Canaan and Ancient Israel

Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Mesopotamia from the British Museum
Cuniform Numbers

Dr. Dig Middle East
Middle Ages
Castles of Britain
Ghosts in the Castle
Medieval Siege
Warrior Challenge
Real Life in the Middle Ages

New York
Battle of Saratoga
Battle of Saratoga (2)
Big Apple History
Conversation for History
Drums Along the Mohawk
Eerie Canal
Harvest of History
New York State
NYS Constitution
NYS for Kids
NYS Museum
NYS Parks and Historical Sites

Paleolithic and Neolithic
Ice Mummies from Nova
Netherlands on Trial
The Iceman's Last Meal

Buddhist Ceremonies
Hinduism for Schools

Ancient Greek and Roman Coins
Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Dead Romans

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

Museum of Ancient Inventions(includes roman candles, catapult, greek steam engine, greek lyre,greek harp and archimedean screw)

Roman Aqueducts
Roman Emperors
Roman Gladiators

Looking Through Roman Glass

Roman Military Museum

Timeline of Ancient Rome
Twelve Tablets

What the Ancients Knew Roman Aqueducts

Social Studies Review
Three Branches of Government
%th Grade Social Studies Exam Test Prep
Answering CRQs
Answering DBQs
Answering Multiple Choice Questions with Visual Clues
Answering Multiple Choice Questions
Ben's Guide to U.S. Gov.

Timelines and Chronologies
History Day by Day from the History Channel
Hyperhistory Online
Time Capsule


Steam Locomotives and Other Railroad Images

Union Pacific Railroad History

More Social Studies Links
100 Milestones: Our Documents
America's Story
Census Facts
Grolier Online
Constitution for Kids
Underground Railroad

Elementary Library
Hoosick Falls CSD