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 Click here to learn about hot air balloons!


PBS KIDS Hot Air Balloons

How does a Hot Air Balloon Fly

       Here are some great web sites to try    




There are dictionaries in Kids InfoBits, eLibrary and Grolier Online for you to use as well.

Word Cloud 

 Space Day



Click on the picture to find websites about dinosaurs


Endangered Species Web Site

                 The sites in the table below provide fiction and nonfiction books in electronic form.  You can read the books online, watch a video and more.

You will need to get user names and passwords from Mrs. Schumacher to use these sites.




Questar Overdrive


Click here for Pebble Go

Book Flix

 Click on the link below for Tumble Books



Spotlight on New York  

United for literacy

More  Electronic Books for Young children

The sites in the table below are great resources for research and for your personal interest. They include magazine, journal and newspaper articles as well as encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference books.  You will need to see Mrs. Schumacher for user names and passwords.

   elibrary Direct link

Direct Kids InfoBits

Gale Direct Link





Use this link for the Upper Hudson Library System's catalog. (Cheney Library is included here) You can find and borrow books online.


Click here to find out how to make your Works Cited page
Play a game to improve your skills

Alphabetical Adventure

Alphabetize the Words

Alphabet Bears

Alphabet Barrels from the Learning Planet

Put the Words in the Correct Order


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