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What is AIS

Academic intervention services help students who are struggling to achieve the learning standards in English language arts and mathematics in grades K-12 and social studies and science in grades 4-12. These additional general education services include:

  • Extra instructional time to help students achieve the learning standards in the subject areas requiring AIS, and
  • Support services to help students overcome barriers that are affecting their ability to learn, such as attendance problems, family- related issues, discipline problems and health-related issues. Support services could include school guidance and counseling services to improve attendance and coordination of services provided by other agencies.

There are two ways a student becomes eligible for AIS.

  • One way is when a student does not pass an elementary, intermediate or commencement-level state assessment in English language arts, mathematics, social studies or science. Not passing means that a student has not met the "state-designated performance level."
  • The second way is when the school district determines that the student is at risk of not meeting state standards. Each school district's AIS plan should describe the sources of information it will use in determining at-risk students.

Please visit the link below for more questions regarding AIS.

AIS: A Guide to Academic Intervention Services

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