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CD's - Citizenship Duties
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GOVERNMENT » Government Objectives

Government Objectives Government Objectives

American Government

Objectives - Unit 1 - The Foundation

Objective 1:  Understand the importance of a Government Course & explain why I have to take government.

Objective 2:  Explain the purposes of government.

Objective 3:  Describe the four major components of the state and define each.

Objective 4:  Understand and name the basic themes of origins of the state.

Know:  force, evolution, divine right, social contract, natural rights, Rousseau, Locke

Objective 5:  Identify how the social contract theory influenced the founders of the USA’s government.

Objective 6:  Differentiate between different forms of government and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each. 

American Government

Objectives - Unit 2 - The Constitution

Objective 1:  State the 6 major concepts of democracy and give the importance of each. 

Objective 2:  Understand how experiences with previous governments influenced the founding fathers in writing the Constitution.

Objective 3:  List & explain the 5 basic principles of the Constitution.

Objective 4:  Describe how the government is divided between state and national government.  Know the responsibilities of federal & state governments.

Objective 5:  Explain the changing nature of federalism.  Explain how federalism is applied today.  

Know:  Grants, Revenue Sharing, Mandates

Objective 6:   Understand how the Constitution separates and checks power within the government.

American Government

Objectives - Unit 3 - UNALIENABLE RIGHTS

1.   Understand how individual values have shaped civil rights.  Develop an understanding of your own personal values and be able to explain your views on various civil rights issues.

2. Explain rights.  Evaluate the differences between natural and legal rights.

Terms to know:  Rights, Legal Rights, Natural Rights

3. Name the basic provisions of the Bill of Rights & amendment 14.

4. Describe the basic shape of the separation of church and state with the Establishment  & Free Exercise clause.

5. Explain the three categories of free speech identified by the Supreme Court.

Know:  Pure Speech, Speech Plus Action, and Symbolic Speech

6.  Describe the legal limits of freedom of speech.   Analyze the criteria for decisions regarding freedom of speech and to apply those criteria to specific cases.

Know:  Clear & Present Danger, Sedition, Imminent Danger, Defamation, Malice & Reckless Disregard for the truth, Fighting Words, Obscenity

7.  Apply the due process laws to various situations.  Explain how to utilize the due process amendments.

8.  Explain & Describe the methods of proposing and ratifying constitutional amendments.  Provide means to informally amend the constitution.

American Government

Objectives - Unit 4 - congress

Objective 1

State the 3 basic ideas on which the United States Congress has been established.

Objective 2

Distinguish the five basic roles that a congress person has in their job.  Also identify the five characteristics of a congress person.

Objective 3

Describe the structure of Congress.  Identify Iowa’s Congress people and General Assembly Representatives.

Objective 4

Identify and Explain the Powers of Congress.

Delegated Powers, Implied Powers, Non Legislative Powers

Objective 5

Describe the importance of committees, the types of committees,  and actions the committee may take on a bill.

Objective 6

Know the following:  Caucus,  Library of Congress, CBO,  GAO,  GPO

Objective 7

Identify the leaders of the House and Senate - describe their roles & responsibilities.  Identify the leaders of the political parties and the roles these leaders play.

Objective 8

Explain the major differences between the two houses in regards to making bills a law.  Describe the bill to law process.

Objective 9

Know these terms:  Porkbarrel, Franking, Reciprocity, Logrolling, Seniority

Objective 10

Debate the issue of term limits.

Objective 11

Demonstrate and explain gerrymandering.  Understand the role of the Census Bureau.

American Government

Objectives - Unit 5 - Executive

  1. Identify & describe 10 roles of the President.
  2. State 3 qualifications & identify 4 unwritten qualifications for  the Presidency.
  3. Explain the President’s term limits & compensation for services.
  4. Explain Presidential Succession & disability as described by the 25th amendment.
  5. Explain how the president’s power is checked.  Identify the formal and informal checks on the Executive Branch.
  6. Explain the Electoral College & evaluate proposals for its reform.
  7. Identify & explain the 6 major powers  of the president.
  8. Describe the importance of the War Powers Resolution as to its effect on the Presidency.
  9. Know the 15 cabinet offices, the secretaries and role the cabinet plays.
  10. Describe the role of the “executive office” and its five major parts.
  11. Explain how presidential style influences presidential performance.
  12. List the factors that affect presidential popularity.