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2011 District Results


Results for 2011 District 14-4A UIL Meet, April 1-2, 2011


The Whitehouse Wildcats walked away from the District UIL meet the Runner UP Sweepstakes victory!   Congratulations to the following individual winners.


Literary Criticism

1st Kate Mohr

5th Gwynne Dunlap

1st Place Team:  Kate Mohr, Gwynne Dunlap, Sophia Wade, Keerin DeWet


Computer Science

1st  Nathan Adams

2nd Hunter Galbraith

6th Daniel Carrol

1st Team:  Nathan Adams, Daniel Carrol, Hunter Galbraith, Travis Carter



3rd  Kim Carpio

6th April Fleming

2nd Team:  April Fleming, Norma Gonzales, Calley Waggoner, Kim Carpio

Regional Wildcard Team


News Writing

4th  Slater Bonner


Feature Writing

5th Slater Bonner

6th Linda Smith


Editorial Writing

2nd Slater Bonner

4th Savannah Reeves


Headline Writing

6th Linda Smith


Ready Writing

3rd Keerin DeWett

4th Julie Licht

6th Calvin Clites



4th Garret Gardner


Calculator Applications

6th Arjun Rawal

2nd Place Team:  Arjun Rawal, Fariba Ahmed, Tim Cummins, Jackson Driggs

Regional Wildcard Team


One Act Play (District)

Advancing Zone Play”The Miracle Worker”

Zone Best Actress – Dana Pierce

Zone All Star Cast – CC Barnhill

Zone All Star Cast – Connor Morris

Zone Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Jacob Mangum

Zone Honorable Mention All Star Cast – April Fleming

District ASC – CC Barnhill

District ASC – Dana Pierce

District HMASC – April Fleming

District HMASC – Connor Morris


Social Studies

1st Michael Rose

2nd Alex Johnson

6th Alexis Corona

1st Place Team:  Michael Rose, Tyler Post, Alex Johnson, Alexis Corona


Current Issues and Events

2nd Robby Bennet

4th James Cannon

2ndPlace Team:  James Cannon, April Fleming, Michael Rose, Robby Bennet

Regional Wildcard Team



2nd Place Team:  Chance Hughes, Alex Johnson, Jack Terrell, Jared Raabe, James Cannon, Nathan Adams



3rd Dana Pierce


LD Debate

1st Waylon Cunningham

3rd Connor Morris

4th Chris Zimmerman



1st Arjun Rawal

2nd Robby Bennet

4th Hunter George



1st Taylor Parker

2nd Waylon Cunningham

6th Connor Morris


2nd Place Speech Team



5th Jack Terrell


Number Sense

1st Jack Terrell

2nd Place Team:  Jack Terrell, Cory Lusk, Tim Cummins, William Monteagudo

Regional Wildcard Team


Computer Applications

4th Darian Russel

5th Alex Johnson

6th Kaitlin Rosetta


Whitehouse UIL Team
Whitehouse Independent School District
Whitehouse High School
901 E. Main
Whitehouse, TX 75701