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Design a Solar System Board Game

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You will create a Solar System board game to play. It should:

  • Include at least 15 fact cards using information from your research. (20 points)
  • Include a game board and player pieces. (10 points)
  • Include directions on how to play the game. (10 points)
  • Be written/typed neatly and spelled correctly. (10 points)


You have selected the Solar System Game as your challenge project. This is a fun project that will allow you to use your imagination and creativity. When designing your game, you want to include:

  • A game board- This can be made using a file folder, cardboard, or other sturdy surface. The game board should be colorful, neat, and creative.
  • Fact cards- You should include at least 15 fact cards written or typed neatly on thick paper. Questions can be true/false, multiple-choice, or fill-in-the-blank, but must include facts about the solar system. Information should be accurate and include different levels of difficulty.
  • Game rules and directions- You need to explain how the game works. How do the players earn points or advance in the game? What happens if you don’t give the correct answer? How does a player win? The directions should be neatly written or typed and included with the game.
  • Game pieces- Select games pieces for the players to use.

Helpful Tips:  Play the game to make sure it works.  Make changes if necessary.  You can also add illustrations and color to the game board to make it more fun and attractive.  For more ideas, take a look at any game boards you might have at home. You can also use the games in the classroom that I showed you.

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Game board example

Game board example

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