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I am in the 5th grade classrooms every other week- twice a month - teaching a Classroom Lesson.  Each week, I will post the title of the Classroom Lesson and post supporting documents, if helpful to you, on this site. This link will give you details of my lessons and the Roosevelt Round-Up (PTA newsletter) will also periodically give you more information.  "Counselor Conversation Cards" will also come home throughout the year to encourage discussion about our lessons in your home.  Let me know if you need more information or have feedback on my lessons.

Lesson 1: Who is Your School Counselor? We toured our building noticing all the Bulletin Boards Mrs. Clark has made for them to help them get to know Roosevelt -- New Student Pictures, Recess Games & Rules, Peacewheel Board highlighting Peace-makers and Peace-breakers at our school, and Roosevelt Staff Picture Board.   As we toured each stop, we discussed how they can see these through October to make sure they know all the new students in our school, the rules and options on our Playground, how we solve problems or conflicts at Roosevelt, and all the adults in our school they can ask for help if they needed or know their names like we know them!   

Lesson 2: We discussed what I heard them say about being in the 5th grade -- what they were LOVING about it and what they were concerned about...and then what I was seeing in the classroom, lunchroom and recess --- I really like how I see them working together, including new students, and using the 9 ways we solve problems at Roosevelt in their daily interactions at school. We quickly reviewed those 9 Peacewheel choices and watched the video "It's Your Choice: Kelso 4-6 Beyond the Clasroom"  where we saw kids just like them use the Peacewheel strategies to solve conflicts with siblings and parents.  We saw: three Small problems were students were able to talk about how something made them uncomfortable, make a deal with an older sister, and work together as siblings to get what you both need; two Big problems dealing with stealing and technology safety that emphasize the right choice is to go to a parent first, even though it might get a peer or sibling in trouble.  Using these scenarios for discussions, we brainstormed ways we might talk it out with a parent when we are angry, make a deal with an older sister, or share and take turns with a younger brother. 

Lesson 3: Moving into our Safe & Healthy Choices Unit, we start off discussing the "Danger Zone".  Being in the "Danger Zone" isn't something you can always "see", like we have discussed in the past such as a gun, medicine, etc. it can involve your emotions.   This week we explored our "meters" - Emotional Meters!   Using the language of color, students labeled, colored, and explored their very own emotional meter.  What color are you on?

Happy Thanksgiving!  (A few weeks off of Counselor due to Friday schedules and DWA!)

Lesson 4: We reviewed the discussion cards students used in our first series of "The Danger Zone", covering the important concepts and important vocabulary for those refusal skills and media influences. This week we re- entered the "Danger Zone" and explored the Dangers in our Homes - OTC medications, cleaning products/inhalants, and prescription drugs. safety, health risks, peer pressure, and consequences were featured in our video.   As we watched the video we paused often to discuss the “DANGERS” and the decisions they can make if faced with these same scenarios.   We discussed there are many products in our homes that are useful if used for their intended purpose; however, if used as a “high” and not as their intended purpose they can be very dangerous!  

Lesson 7: We reviewed key terms from our previous “Danger Zone” videos to keep the terms and learning “fresh”.   Today is our last time entering the "Danger Zone" - this time our video featured information on alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. Safety, health risks, peer pressure, and consequences were all demonstrated in this video and we discussed the decisions they can make as we watched this video.   We also spend some time discussing a scene - where a young person..about their with an older sibling of a friend who is under the influence and is driving... we discussed, "What would your parents (and Mrs. Clark) want you to do?"  They all knew the answer -- not go in a car with a person under the influence!!! But how?  We role-played some situations and I asked they come home and discuss what you would want them to do!  My role-play with them in any situation they are uncomfortable and need OUT - NOW - is to say they are sick -- they need to go home immediately...say they are going to throw up, say they can't go in the car and go to the restroom - whatever to get a call out to parents and/or next "safe" adult to come get them and THEN tell the safe adult what was happening once you are safe!   Thank you for following up at home on all our “Danger Zone” discussions --- next lesson we will make sure all the important points they have captured and demonstrate they can stay out of the “Danger Zone!”


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