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I have a Counselor Lesson every week with K students.  I work with all students during the Tuesday "center" time so I see them in small groups for 12 -15 minutes to work on a specific skill.  Each week I will post the title of the Counselor Lesson and post supporting documents, if helpful to you, on this site. This link will give you details of my lessons and the Roosevelt Round-Up (PTA newsletter) will also periodically give you more information.  Let me know if you need more information or have feedback on my lessons.

Week 1: Who is Your School Counselor?  Getting to know the adults in your school and what they can do for you! Mrs. Clark LISTENS to us when we have a PROBLEM or have a QUESTION and need HELP.  She HELPS us HELP ourselves and make GOOD choices.   Students took a "field trip" to my office and we discussed what FUN things I have going on in my office besides the classroom lessons they will have every week from me!  We concluded out "field trip" by reading and discussing the book "Who is Mrs. Sand-Dollar?" - a story about the school counselor.  

Week 2: We reviewed Who is Your School Counselor - someone who LISTENS to us when we have a PROBLEM or have a QUESTION and HELPS us make GOOD CHOICES!  What are Potato Points - our rules for listening!  With the use of our Mr. Potato Head doll as a reminder - we discussed what good listening "looks like": eyes on the speaker, hands to ourselves, raising our hand to speak, bringing our thinking caps with our ideas and good sharing, ears for listening to others, mouth closed if others are speaking, and feet still and pointed at the speaker.  Every week we earn Potato Points for being great listeners in my classroom!  This week we started into our Peacewheel - Conflict Management Model at Roosevelt.  First up, talking about sharing and taking turns - 1 out of the 9 peacewheel options ---and practiced rock, paper, scissor as a tool to help them with this choice.   We then did some examples of when you can use this tool at Roosevelt --- get in line at the same time, want the same seat at a table, deciding on a game at recess with a friend, and even at home with a sibling!  I challenged them to use this at home to see if it works -- so Mom & Dad, practice up on your rock, paper, scissor skills at home because they got it and can use it!

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