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I have a Counselor Lesson every week with K students.  I work with all students during the Tuesday "center" time so I see them in small groups for 12 -15 minutes to work on a specific skill.  Each week I will post the title of the Counselor Lesson and post supporting documents, if helpful to you, on this site. This link will give you details of my lessons and the Roosevelt Round-Up (PTA newsletter) will also periodically give you more information.  Let me know if you need more information or have feedback on my lessons.

Week 1: Who is Your School Counselor?  Getting to know the adults in your school and what they can do for you! Mrs. Clark LISTENS to us when we have a PROBLEM or have a QUESTION and need HELP.  She HELPS us HELP ourselves and make GOOD choices.   Students took a "field trip" to my office and we discussed what FUN things I have going on in my office besides the classroom lessons they will have every week from me!  We concluded out "field trip" by reading and discussing the book "Who is Mrs. Sand-Dollar?" - a story about the school counselor.  

Week 2: We reviewed Who is Your School Counselor - someone who LISTENS to us when we have a PROBLEM or have a QUESTION and HELPS us make GOOD CHOICES!  What are Potato Points - our rules for listening!  With the use of our Mr. Potato Head doll as a reminder - we discussed what good listening "looks like": eyes on the speaker, hands to ourselves, raising our hand to speak, bringing our thinking caps with our ideas and good sharing, ears for listening to others, mouth closed if others are speaking, and feet still and pointed at the speaker.  Every week we earn Potato Points for being great listeners in my classroom!  This week we started into our Peacewheel - Conflict Management Model at Roosevelt.  First up, talking about sharing and taking turns - 1 out of the 9 peacewheel options ---and practiced rock, paper, scissor as a tool to help them with this choice.   We then did some examples of when you can use this tool at Roosevelt --- get in line at the same time, want the same seat at a table, deciding on a game at recess with a friend, and even at home with a sibling!  I challenged them to use this at home to see if it works -- so Mom & Dad, practice up on your rock, paper, scissor skills at home because they got it and can use it!

Week 3: Putting these concepts into play -- literally.  Play time in Mrs. Clark's office during our lesson time today.  We had magnets, legos, played kitchen, colored pictures and solved mazes.   Students were allowed to choose what they wanted to play with and I listened for the use of our Share & Take Turns choice on our Peacewheel.  Students also sampled some of the "fun" they can have during Recess Group in Mrs. Clark's office when I start opening it up to them in a few weeks!  Stay tuned for more info on Group....

Week 4:  I shared with them how I see them using their manners at school and how I see them sharing & taking turns with others at Roosevelt.  I encouraged them to keep using these tools to resolve conflicts because friends like it when we use kind words and actions and not arguing!   We watched "Franklin and the Crystal"  where Beaver and Franklin learn how arguing can harm friendships and how important sharing is to being a good friend!  Sometimes being first in line, captain of the team, or always having to play your game at recess cost you friends... thankfully Beaver and Franklin figured this out and so did my K friends!

Week 5: We’ve learned about Share and Take Turns – practiced Rock/Paper/Scissor – used that skill in my office playing with their peers – and then watched Franklin and Beaver try to work something out in our video last week.   This week we practiced two new choices from our Peacewheel – Please Stop and Walk Away.   When someone is doing something we don’t want them to do, we practiced putting out our hand like a stop-sign and saying “please stop” in a firm, clear and kind voice.  If that person continues we then put our hand again and say “I said, please stop” in that firm, clear and kind voice.   We practiced this several times and we even showed examples of the wrong way to do this as well.  I modeled the Walk Away strategy and showed some examples of how to use this in different situations such as saying “I’m going to make another choice because I’m not having fun” or “I feel like you are not listening to me so I am going to work at another table” and with quiet feet moving his/her body away from the situation into another spot or activity.  I also demonstrated the wrong way to do this.  We concluded the activity by demonstrating some examples and having students tell me if it was the right way or wrong way to tell someone to Stop or Walk Away --- they all knew it and showed their teacher what they knew! Bravo!

Week 6: We reviewed the Peacewheel Choices we have been working on and student reported to me how the Rock, Paper, Scissor has been working for them and the "Please Stop" and "Walk Away" strategy at school...and home!   We then read the book "Manners on the Playground" and talked about what they are doing on the playground and how they use good manners at school and home!  I showed them some social scenario cards and asked them how manners were used or not used in these situations and if their new tools- Rock, Paper, Scissors, Please Stop, Walk Away - could help them in the situation!  *This book can be checked out in our Roosevelt Counselor Resource Library.

Week 7: This week we are discussing talk it out & wait and cool off- another important part of our peacewheel!  We watched Franklin talk it out with his friends and "cool off"  in "Franklin is Bossy".  Franklin’s friends let him know they are tired of him telling them what to do all the time and making up the rules – at first he is mad but then he realizes he is being Bossy and says I’m sorry to his friends.   We see his friends take a break from him one day when they are really frustrated with him and then continue to be his friend and encourage him to work on his bossiness the next day … good friends talk things out, help and forgive each other, and say I’m sorry when for unkind words, frustrations with friends, or making a poor choice.

Week 8: Time for me to see their work in class!   This week I helped in classroom centers while students did their normal "work" and I was able to see how they were progressing with their academic skills, listening to adults and peers, following directions, and working in small groups.  I love what I am seeing!!!

Week 9: This week we are discussing apologize - another important part of our peacewheel!  We watched Franklin and his friends apologize in "Franklin and the Trading Cards".   When friends compete and try to out-do each other to get a special trading card from Franklin, they realize they haven't been a very good friend to Franklin and to each other and say "I'm sorry."   We discussed when we know someone "really" means "I'm sorry" and how if the behavior does not stop, others do not accept the "I'm sorry" because they think it will just happen again! 

Week 10: This week we are discussing apologize - another important part of our peacewheel!  We watched Franklin and his friends apologize in "Franklin and the Trading Cards".   When friends compete and try to out-do each other to get a special trading card from Franklin, they realize they haven't been a very good friend to Franklin and to each other and say "I'm sorry."   We discussed when we know someone "really" means "I'm sorry" and how if the behavior does not stop, others do not accept the "I'm sorry" because they think it will just happen again! 

***RECESS GROUP Starts this week --- On Thursdays, 1st recess K students can come in and play!!!

Week 11:  I was in the classroom this week and we played a Feelings Memory Game.   While we played this game, we practices two more peacewheel choices of Talk it Out & Make a Deal.  We practiced saying: "I feel ____ when ________________"  and "How about if we do ________________ and then we can do ______________________?"  In our small center rotation groups, we practiced using these two choices as ways to solve the problem.

Week 12 & 13: We reviewed those "I statements" we started to practice last week and stopped to talk about the difference between Tattling and Telling.  Wise Owl helps us with his WHO rules!  WHO knows the rules about Tattling vs. Telling? We watched and discussed a video called "Wise Owl Says: When Telling isn't Tattling". We discussed the questions: Will it help anyone? Is someone in danger? Do you need an adult to help you solve a problem? If yes -- then you are telling! If you want to get someone in trouble or just tell an adult to so they can solve a problem for you, this is tattling. Students were able to know the difference between small problems they are strong enough to solve on their own using our peacewheel choices and big problems they need to TELL an adult immediately because they need help, get that "uh-oh" feeling, or someone is in danger!

Week 14 & 15: HELP!  MY GINGERBREAD IS MISSING!  I’m sure he was here during the holidays, but where has he gone?  We designed a Missing Poster to include our phone number as we start to practice and memorize a parent's phone number as part of our safe choices we emphasize with K students.  Our 6th graders helped us practice numbers so they know his/her phone number to be safe!  Thank you for your follow up at home with practicing this skill and emphasizing your safety procedures with your child at home!

Week 16 & 17: We are still talking about those Safe and Healthy Choices!  With the help of Wise Owl and his niece Wendy, we talked about Healthy Choices & Safe Choices -- like trusting your "cool" meter instead of doing what other people say/do is "cool", making healthy eating and sleep choices for your body and mind to grow, exercising your body every day in some fun way, and sticking to the safety rules like wearing a helmet!  Students shared with me some of their favorite healthy choices - like the fruits and exercises they love!  We also talked about Medicine safety and knowing that we never take medicine without a trusted adult, knowing that medicine and candy look a lot alike and asking before we eat “candy”, and knowing that prescription medication is for the person whose name is on the bottle – only that person.   We stressed being safe and always having adults give us medicine!

Week 18: 100th day!  I celebrated with them in the classroom and had at least 100 smiles!

Week 19: What do you do when you break a promise and your friend is really mad at you?   In "Franklin Says Sorry" we see Franklin and Beaver work out a friendship problem.   At Roosevelt, I see where friends can disagree about a game to play at recess, or a "call" on the football field, or break a promise to do something -- all friendship problems they can solve using the peacewheel.   As we watched this video, we also discussed how Franklin had to let Bear "wait and cool off" before he was able to apologize and talk it out.

Week 20: How can you "wait & cool off" at Roosevelt? at home? We practiced ideas of how to do this at school and at home - taking deep breaths, reading, playing with someone else, choosing another game to play, talking with an adult, snuggling with a pet/parent/stuffie, listening to music, playing legos, coloring, or taking a short walk.   We then practiced this with a friends - they paired up with a buddy and we practiced taking turns, using kind words and patience.   We concluded our lesson by talking about how much fun they had in my office and how playing with a friend should be fun, not stressful!  Using the same rules we practiced in my office, they can do this at home and school to cool down and relax! 

Week 21: "I can do this!" Perseverance is our Character Trait this month and we watched the cars from Auto B. Good demonstrate how they had to persevere to accomplish their goals -- with a little encouragement from the professor and each other, they realized they could make their goals.  Saying "I can", working hard to reach the goal and not giving up, and having people around you cheer you on and support you are all parts of perseverance! 

Week 22: Time out on my lessons and time to see what they can teach me about what they are doing in the classroom!   Students worked on a Rainbow project in class that allowed me to see how they are writing, coloring, listening, cutting & gluing.  I'm so impressed with their progress --- they are going to be ready for 1st grade!

Week 23: Auto B Good - Politeness "Center of the Universe" EJ is the Center of the Universe - or so he'd like to think. But life at the center is no match for the crusty Elrod. Can EJ resist Elrod's ways?  We discussed how others expect us to be Polite - at school, in the classroom, at home, and our friends.  

SPRING BREAK - enjoy your week off!

Week 24: "I need you to patient please."  "Please be patient and wait your turn."  "Be patient and wait your dinner to get on the table." - all examples of what K students shared how they had to use patience - our character trait of the month.  Auto B. Good and the crew showed us in "Patience, Cooler Heads Prevail" how patience is something we have to practice with our friends and with the decisions we make to keep us safe.  We concluded by talking about how we practice patience at Roosevelt? at home? with our friends?

Week 25: Patience into Practice -- we played games that required patience.  Jenga, Old Maid, and Memory were a few we played today to test our Patience.   I had a ball playing games with them and seeing how they laugh, encourage, and learn from each other!

Week 26: Lets go on a Cloud Walk!  We had a great time looking at clouds, discussing the different types of clouds and what we saw in the sky and in our books to help them prepare for their upcoming Writing Assessment.  

Week 27: Auto B Good - Responsibility "Growing Responsible" Cali just loves shopping! She needs a job so she can shop more and comes up with a plan to "let" her friends be responsible for her task instead.   We discussed ways they are Responsible and home and at school.   Students shared why Responsibility is important as well -- loved their answers!

Week 28: Auto B Good - Truthfulness "Slippery Slope": Only a few more days before the 4x4 championships and Maria has been training very hard. Will her desire to win become an obstacle she can't overcome?  Keeping with our discussion about being Honest and Truthful we talked about how it is hard to tell the Truth when we make a mistake, take something we shouldn't have, or do something we know we were not suppose to do -- but like in our films, always being Honest and Truthful is best in any relationship.  If people are Dis-Honest, Tell Lies, Steal, and Tell "Stories" all the time, people think they are always Dis-Honest and do not Trust them --- would you like people to feel that way about you?

Week 29: Why do people work? Would you have to be good at Math to be a Teacher?  Would you like being an Astronaut?  Exploring why Work is important, what Jobs are around us, having them think about what they learn in K and how that might be used in a Job someday, and would they like doing that Job...why and why not?  We tackled all these questions today through dressing up in some Work "Costumes".  While in "character" we discussed these questions and listened to what each other had to say.   We also discussed what Jobs people do in their homes for Work.   Be ready - as I encouraged them to come home and talk about these questions with you!   Exploring Work and their Future in K helps them relate what they are learning, what they enjoy, and how many future opportunities are out there for them!  See some pictures below! 

Week 30:  Today we just played - as one of them said, "but its not recess play day Mrs. Clark :)"; however, it was deserving and fitting to celebrate their hard work all year with just having fun together.  I enjoyed pretending in the kitchen with them, coloring pictures, and laughing --- what an amazing group of K students.  They are ready for 1st grade!  

Have a great summer - stay safe, keep learning, and record those experiences to share with us in August!

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