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Team Roll
**Reminder:  Report Cards October 29th and 1st Quarter Awards Ceremony Nov. 3rd @ 9 AM


Ms. Currie: Science
Ms. Hills: English Language Arts 
Ms. Miller: Social Studies
Ms. Pickhardt: Mathematics


  • March 3 8th grade is visiting Wando and Wando/High School gear will be allowed for 8th graders.  
  • March 4 is Walk to School Day.  Remember to send at least one teacher per team to Starbucks by 7:30 on Wed. to walk with us. 
  • March 5 is Principal for the DayAnne Toole, Stubbs Muldrow Herrin Architects, will be shadowing Ms. Dassing for the day.   
  • March 8 is the start of Daylight Savings Time.  Spring forward on Sunday am.  
  • The student wellness team is doing a gently used sporting good drive.  More info. to come from Ms. Lee and the team.
  • Student Council and Beta Club are sponsoring a green dress day on March 17 along with a fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation.  
  • Student Council sponsored Moultrie's Got Talent will be on March 19.  Ms. Brockmann and Ms. Tart are leading this and will be in touch with more information. 
  • March 20 is Spring Picture Day-More details to come from the Media Center.
  • March 24 is the last day of 3rd Quarter. 
  • March 27 is a teacher workday unless they use this day for snow make-up.  
  • Spring Break is March 30-April 3.

Moultrie Proud

Prepared- agenda, pencil, materials, class supplies, completed assignments, on time(school, class, lunch...) students are seated when bell rings

Respectful- accepts consequences, be considerate, appreciate diversity of ideas and personalities, take care of property, greet visitors politely, use kind words, use manners such as please, thank you and ma'am, pick up litter, protect school grounds and building

Orderly- accepts consequences, keep locker clean and organized, stay to the right in the hall, students are only dismissed by a teacher, transitions to class, lunch, recess and exploratories.

Uniform- Moultrie shirt or sweatshirt, have agenda, navy or white solid jacket only, cell phones off and in locker, non uniform attire, such as coats, hats, gloves, off and away, I D is kept in its original state

Diligent- work hard, personal best, ask for help, actively participate, protect your own work ( do your own work and respect others)


Lockers 8:20 - 8:25

Homeroom/DIRT  8:25 – 8:54

2nd Period Academic  8:56 – 9:56

3rd Period Academic  9:58 – 10:58


Lunch  11:01 – 11: 41


5th Period Academic  11:45 – 12:45

6th Period Academic  12:47 – 1:50


1st Exploratory  1:53 - 2:38

2nd Exploratory  2:40 - 3:25

Grading Scale for all classes
A= 93-100 %
B= 85-92 %
C= 77-84 %
D= 70-76 %
F= 69 % and below

Awards Assembly

Principal’s List…

All A’s...93%-100%

(including encore classes)

Honor Roll…

 A’s and B’s...85%-100%   

Team Roll
Charleston County