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Communion -- The Lord's Supper is a precious gift from Christ to His Church! In the bread and wine of Holy Communion we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, for the forgiveness of our sins and the strengthening of our faith.  As we share this Holy Meal today, we invite to our Communion table any guests who are baptized believers in Jesus Christ, and who hold to these truths.  Those not receiving Communion, who come forward for a blessing, please fold your hands or arms over your heart while at the Communion railing.


Can’t drink the wine?  Can’t eat the bread? -- If it’s not safe or advisable for you to drink the Communion wine (e.g., recovering alcoholic, medication incompatibility, etc.) there is white grape juice in the center of the trays. If you cannot eat the bread (e.g. gluten intolerance), call Pastor Weidmayer to discuss other options.  Note:  Gluten free wafers are available, speak with an usher.


Nursery -- At St. John's we encourage children to join in the worship service, but we recognize that this may be difficult for young children.  Children (ages 2-6) can be brought to the nursery following the children's sermon, so long as they are supervised.


Prayer and chat after church -- Our Elders oversee and promote the spiritual life of the congregation.  One or two Elders are available after each service to listen to concerns, discuss issues, and pray together.  Anyone who’d like to meet with an Elder will find them near Pastor Weidmayer’s office after each service.


 Our Hymnals – The Lutheran Service Book, With One Voice, and Celebrate


Hearing Loop installed in the Sanctuary -- Switch your hearing aide to T-coil.  

St. John's Lutheran Church
in the Hamlet of Pumpkin Hook
Lutheran Church, Missouri Snyod
153 Church Street ~ Farmington NY 14425