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Christian Education » 1st Year Confirmation

1st Year Confirmation

1st Year Confirmation

I. Goals


This course is designed to prepare young men and women for confirmation in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  The material covered will include a general overview of God's plan of salvation as it is presented in The Holy Scriptures.  The main goal of this class is that the student grow in his/her faith as they study God’s Word. 

By the end of this course the student will:

1.   Know and understand the common theme of God's plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ as it is presented in His Word.

2. Know and understand the significance of that plan as it relates to their  daily life. 

3. Have memorized key Scripture passages as they apply to the Christian faith.


II. Materials

1. Text Book: God's Action Plan (CPH) Supplied

2. Bible (Faith Alive Bible)

3. Memory Verse Booklet: (Supplied)


III. Assignments

                        1. Service Outlines

                                    A. One per week

                                    B. Contains pertinent info from service and brief  summary of sermon.

                                    C. Family discussion and assistance is beneficial.

            2. Memory Work

A.   This memory work will appear on the weekly quizzes per Assignment Schedule.

B. All memory work will be quizzed according to the Memory Workbook.

              3.  Weekly Quizzes

                                    A. Lesson material assigned in the Assignment Schedule

                                    B. Memory work from the booklet provided will be quizzed weekly.

                                    C. Format of quizzes will be a variety of Multiple Choice, True/False, and Short Answer questions.  

                        4.  Independent Project (See Survival Guide)


IV. Class Schedule

1. Starting Time will be 9:45 a.m. between Early and Late Service on Sunday mornings.

            2. Open with Prayer

            3. Weekly Quiz

            4. Discussion of Service Outline

            5. Lesson

            6. Closing Prayer


V. Expectations

1.   Regular Attendance - Absences ONLY EXCUSED WHEN PARENTS CONTACT PASTOR BEFORE CLASS. (Make-up work may be assigned)

            2. Weekly Church attendance.

            3. Behavior appropriate to young Christian men and women

    4. In order to foster Positive Christian Role Models, Parents will be expected to attend church services and Bible studies.     


VI. Evaluations

            1. If a student fails to achieve a 65% or higher on any quiz it will be mailed home to the parents to be signed, corrected for credit.

            2. Two Reports will be sent home to be signed and returned.


VII. Activities

            1. In order to foster friendships and mutual support of each other participation in Youth group activities is strongly encouraged.



Please feel free to talk to me before or after class or you can reach me at the office : 315-986-3045  or on my mobile call or text: 616-443-9053 or  email me at: revbob@pumpkinhook.org










St. John's Lutheran Church
in the Hamlet of Pumpkin Hook
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