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The Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische St. Johannes Kirche, 
now called  St. John's Lutheran Church, began in 1879 as a mission post in the District 5 School House in the Town of Macedon, at the intersection of Victor and Canandaigua Roads, known as "Chimney Corners."  Pastor G. Seel of Newark, NY, served the infant parish.  In 1886 the congregation was formally organized, and its constitution was adopted in January, 1887.  Sixteen men signed the original document.


In 1888 we began to worship in Farmington at Pumpkin Hook, then called "New Salem," in the abandoned Wesleyan Methodist Church building, which is now the Farmington Grange Hall.  St. John's members, who were mostly German immigrants, worshipped here until August 27, 1894, when what is now the front part of the present Church structure was dedicated.  It measured 30 feet by 40 feet, and cost $1000, plus an additional $240 for the steeple structure.


A parsonage was built next door on the north side of the Church in 1905 for $900, and was removed in March of 1986.  During its existence it housed 11 of our pastors and their families.


In January, 1911, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church was started in Macedon Center.  As time passed, the two churches were served by one pastor, and in 1936 they merged.  The Macedon Center property was sold, and its members joined the Farmington congregation.


An additional 35 feet was added to the back of the 1894 Church structure in 1953-54, doubling its size.  A 4,000-square-foot Educational Building was dedicated in the spring of 1963.  This has been used for Sunday School and Confirmation classes, Preschool, Church offices, and many other church and community activities.


On Reformation Sunday in October of 1989 we broke ground for a major renovation, expansion, and improvement of our buildings and grounds.   This project joined the two buildings, corrected many problems, and provided attractive and much-needed space for worship, Christian education, administration, fellowship, and service.  On Pentecost Sunday in May of 1991 we re-dedicated the entire facility in a celebration of praise and thanksgiving.


Over the years our worship services have developed into a variety of styles and formats, and we are blessed much musical talent.


We thank God for our history and heritage, and ask His continued guidance and blessing as we move ahead together into the future.



St. John's Lutheran Church
in the Hamlet of Pumpkin Hook
Lutheran Church, Missouri Snyod
153 Church Street ~ Farmington NY 14425