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Sister Cecilia Anne, O.P.
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Sister Cecilia Anne, O.P. » AP Calculus AB 2013-2014

AP Calculus AB 2013-2014 AP Calculus AB 2013-2014

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AP Calculus AB 2013-2014

August 11, 2013

Dear All,

The days are quickly passing, and the first day of school is right around the corner!

I'm attaching a review guide for the first AP Calculus AB exam (can be downloaded at the very bottom of this webpage), which will be on the first day of school this Friday.  I know that it can be hard to take a test the first day of school, especially from a teacher whom you have never had for class before, so I tried to include some details about what to expect on this test.  You will want to be pretty solid with the material, so that you are able to finish all of the problems in the time allotted (one class period).

Don't forget that I will be in my classroom (Room 203) during registration on Wednesday morning, and I'm happy to answer any questions or go over any problems at that time.  Please do stop by, either with questions or just to say hello!

In Christ,

Sister Cecilia Anne


July 31, 2013

Dear All in AP Calculus AB,

The days are flying by, and in just a few short weeks we'll be back in school.  I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful summer, full of many graces!

Every year, each of the Sisters has the opportunity to make a week-long retreat, with days filled with silence and plenty of time to be with Our Lord.  Many of the Sisters, including myself, will be on retreat this coming week, beginning tomorrow.  Know that each of you will be in my prayers by name, as I bring all of your needs and intentions before the Lord.  Even as a math teacher, my most important responsibility as a Sister and as a teacher is to pray for each of you, and I do take that very seriously.  I hope that you have also been praying for one another throughout these summer months.

Due to retreat, I will be away from the computer for the next week.  Please do continue to submit online homework assignments and corrections, as I will check these when I return to my e-mail.  I am pleased that the majority of the class has submitted most, if not all, of the summer homework already.  If you have received feedback noting corrections to be made, please go ahead and e-mail me a digital copy of the corrections once these have been made.  Just a reminder: All summer homework and corrections must be submitted digitally no later than midnight on Thursday, August 15, in order to receive credit.  To receive full credit, please be sure that answers are 1) accurate / correct, 2) include the proper unit label if necessary (anything involving area, volume, rate of change, etc.), 3) all work shown (an answer alone, with no work shown, won't often receive credit), 4) complete (if the problem asks for a graph or an explanation, please be sure that this is included), and 5) neatly done.

I hope to put together an optional review guide for the Chapter 1 test, which will be given on the first day of class.  This will give you an idea of what to expect on the test.  My goal is to have this available on my webpage by August 12.  For your planning purposes, I'm also hoping to have an optional review / Q&A session for anyone wanting some extra review or help.  This is tentatively scheduled for 9:30-10:30am on Wednesday, August 14.  (Registration for returning students is from 9-11 on this morning.)  I'll confirm this date/time when I put out the review guide.

Again, be assured of my prayers, and I look forward to seeing y'all soon.

In Christ,

Sister Cecilia Anne, O.P.

 P.S. - Don't forget the other part of summer homework -- to daily be repeating to yourself (out loud if possible): "I am a GIRL who can do MATH!"  "I LOVE Calculus!" :)


July 12, 2013

I hope you're ready for a really fun year in AP Calculus!  It's hard to believe that in a little over a month, we'll be back at school again :)  I hope your summer has been going well thus far.

 Have you been remembering to do the important summer assignments?  Just a reminder:

 1) Every day, repeat to yourself: "I love Calculus!  I am a girl who can do math!"

 2) Every day, pray for all of your classmates in AP Calculus (as well as the teacher!) -- I've made a little graphic that you can print out if you'd like.  It has everyone's photo, to remind you to pray for everyone in our class.  This really is important - pray especially that you can help one another become saints, as you have fun with the concepts of calculus.

 3) Be sure to pace yourself in working through the twelve online summer assignments.  Some of you have completed almost all of the summer homework, while others have hardly begun.  Remember -- anything submitted by July 24 is guaranteed to get feedback via e-mail, along with an opportunity to do corrections.  Anything submitted after this date may or may not receive a response, as I won't have e-mail access much in late July and early August.  Online assignments are all due no later than the day before school starts in August.  (Also note -- after you submit an assignment, please do check your e-mail for feedback; I will use the e-mail address you provided in the first questionnaire.  If you have corrections, you can digitally send them to me any way you'd like - scanned, typed, e-mailed, online form, etc.)

 Know of my prayers for you!  I'm looking forward to having each of you in class this year.

 Sincerely in Christ,

Sister Cecilia Anne, O.P.


May 2013

Welcome to AP Calculus AB for the 2013-2014 School Year!

Dear AP Calculus AB Students,

Welcome to the most exciting class in high school – AP Calculus!  I’m already looking forward to the year we will get to spend together studying the beauty of calculus.

There are three major tasks you must accomplish this summer:

1)      Prepare psychologically.  Each day, repeat (out loud) to yourself:

     *      I love AP Calculus!

     *      I am a girl who can do math!

     *      I will get the high FIVE!

2)      Prepare intellectually.

     *      Purchase the CPM textbooks ASAP, as you will need these to complete summer work.  You won’t need the other two texts until class begins in the fall.  You will also need to have your graphing calculator and plenty of graph paper.

*** You will need to purchase all three required texts; however, only the CPM text is needed during the summer.  Texts:

1) Calculus, 2nd Ed. (2010), Softbound Student Set (2 volumes), from CPM, ISBN 9781603280426 <-- Needed for summer assignments; please purchase ASAP.

2) Barron's AP Calculus, 12th Ed. (2013), ISBN 9781438002040 <-- Needed for class reference and assignments; please purchase by the first day of class in August

3) Preparing for the Calculus (AB) Exam, by Best/Lux, Venture Publishing (2000), ISBN 9781886018082 <-- We won't use this until around October or November; please be careful to purchase the correct edition, the one published in 2000

     *      There are twelve summer assignments to complete over the summer months.  Develop the virtue of consistency over the summer by making a plan for review.  Spend a little time each day on Calculus, instead of cramming it into the last few days before classes begin in August.

           v  The summer assignments cover Chapter 1 of your text book, which is basically a review from Precalculus.

          v  All assignments must be completed neatly, showing all work.  They will be graded for completion, neatness, and accuracy.  They must be submitted online before the first day of class.

Please include the number of the problem and show all steps leading to your solution.  Homework should be done on graph paper using pencil.  Please take pride in your work, working neatly and carefully.  You will need to either scan summer homework or take a digital photo of it, in order to submit it online.  If you submit summer work early, I will review it and give you an opportunity to make any needed corrections.  If you do not understand a problem, please post your questions on either the class blox or the class message board.  You may also e-mail me when necessary.  Please note: Answers to most homework problems can be found in the back of the book.  You may use this resource as needed.  Please also note that the book contains a number of errors; I have included a file of errata in the "Helpful Links" session that you are welcome to download.

          v  We will have a test over Chapter 1 on the first day of class in August.  An optional review time will be scheduled sometime earlier that week.

       *      All summer work can be found and submitted through my teacher website.  Become familiar with this site, as it is a very helpful source of information!

3)      Create an AP Calculus community – the class is much more fun when you can study with one another!

     Ø  Create an AP Calculus AB page on Facebook

     Ø  Schedule some group review/study sessions with your classmates over the summer

     Ø  Take responsibility for the AP Calculus class – it is YOUR class; make it fun!

      Ø  Pray for all AP Calculus students and teachers

Have a wonderful, grace-filled summer!

     In Christ,

     Sister Cecilia Anne, O.P.



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