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Pre AP Algebra 1 Pre AP Algebra 1

 Pre-AP-Algebra I


Mrs. Mayberry


Email: pmayberry@stillwaterschools.com

Teacher Website:  http://teachersites.schoolworld.com/webpages/PMayberry/

TextbookHolt McDougal Algebra 1, Copyright 2012, Common Core Edition

Textbook Resources: http://my.hrw.com/ 

Algebra 1 is the first year course of Algebra that is required for a high school diploma.  Topics include equations, functions, graphing, statistics, inequalities, exponents, quadratics, polynomials, and rational functions.  All Algebra I students will be required to take the State End of Instruction test at the end of the school year.  


1.     Bring proper material to class. 

2.     Respect your teacher, classmates, and classroom belongings. 

3.     Be in your seat when the bell rings!

4.     Do not take calculators out of the classroom. 


1.     First Offense:  Warning

2.     Second Offense:  Parent Contact & Detention (time will be set by teacher after school!)

3.     Third Offense:  Office Referral

Classroom Procedures

1.     Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.  Start on the warm-up problems from the board or overhead. 

2.     Take notes during lectures and discussions.

3.     All homework assignments will be due in class the following day at the beginning of the hour unless otherwise told. 

4.     The bell does not dismiss the class; I do.

5.     Building tardy policy will be enforced.  Must be in assigned seat to not be considered tardy. 

6.     You will be required to have your agenda to leave the classroom.



1.     Each day’s assignments should be in pencil on a separate sheet of regular (not spiral) notebook paper.

2.     Each sheet of the assignment should be labeled with your name, date, and class period.

3.     Assignments should be neat, showing all required work, and with answers circled or boxed.

4.     Assignments lacking in required work will be returned to redo the assignment showing proper work. 

5.     Assignments are graded for accuracy and competition.  Students will grade their own assignments in class and record the number missed on their paper.  Grades will be recorded randomly but usually about 2 to 3 assignment grades per week.

6.     Modeling of showing proper work on assignments is done every day in class.

7.     Assignments are designed to start in class where most work can be completed in 10-30 minutes. 

Teacher Website

Make sure you visit my teacher website.  The weekly agenda is always posted along with any handouts from class.  If you are absent, please check this site out for materials that were missed.

Getting Help

There is always a way to get help with your Algebra! 

1.     Tuesday and Thursday tutorial period.  New this year!!

2.     Teacher Website - check this website for links, suggested, etc.  Lots of information posted on this site for homework help.

3.     Online Textbook Resources:  Video to every example problem in the book, practice problems and practice test.  This is a great resource!

4.     Before or after school in my room.  Make sure you ask permission to see if I am busy that day!!!


Class Supplies

Three-ring Binder - 1.5 to 2 inch minimum

Tabbed Dividers – 4 labeled:  Bellwork, Notes, Assignments, & State Testing

Notebook Paper - put in three-ring binder behind dividers.  No spirals!

Graph Paper - 4 to 5 squares to the inch

Pencils- everyday to class

Erasers - cap erasers work great!

Grading Pen (any color) - everyday to class

Pencil Pack for three-ring binder - everyday to class

Scientific Calculator - Texas Instrument TI30XS Multi-View works great!

Kleenex – please bring for the classroom, it would be appreciated!


SJHS Math Department Guidelines

1.     Extra Credit – no more than 5% of total grade will be given on any extra credit assignment.

2.     Test - Tests and/or Quizzes are generally given after a unit has been taught.  Students are given opportunities for test corrections to better their grade.  Test Corrections are limited to a total of 10 points maximum on any test.  Students will have the option of retaking one test per nine week period for a maximum grade of 75% (Semester test not included). 

3.     Time Limits - All tests are timed.  Students will be expected to turn in what is completed at the end of the class period. 



Grades are taken on assignments, test, quizzes, projects, etc.    Semester test are comprehensive and will be given at the end of each semester.  All major tests will be reviewed in class with a test review worksheet.  The following guidelines are used with grades:

·         Assignments, daily work, project, etc. - 40 % of total grade

·         Test & quizzes - 60% of total grade                

Grading scale

90-100              A

80-89                 B

70-79                 C

60-69                  D

59 and Below      F



All students will check out a textbook.  Students will also be given login information to use textbook resources online.  Included in the resources is an online textbook, videos of each section with examples, practice problems, practice test, etc.  I have a classroom set of books in my classroom, so textbook is NOT needed at school.


State Testing

All Algebra I students will be required to take the State EOI Algebra I test in the spring.  This is the first of three math test required by the State Department of Education in high school.  All 8th Grade Algebra 1 students will be required to take the 8th Math OCCT test in the spring also.  Note: State testing is expected to change next school year with the new Common Core Standards being testing for the first time.    

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