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Q-Do I need an account in WECAN to apply for a job?

A-Yes, you will need to create a login and password to move forward with the application process.

Q-How can I be a substitute teacher at Osceola School District?

1.  If you hold a bachelor's degree with an accredited college or university, you are well on your way.  Our Board of Education does require a substitute license as well.  See the next step.

2.  You will need to obtain a substitute license from the State of WI through DPI if you don't already have one.  Here is the web address.

3.  Once you have received your licensure, you can apply as a substitute teacher on WECAN within this site.  WECAN will keep your application, resume and all information you add to your WECAN account making it easy for you to apply at other school locations if you decide to do that.

4.  Our school district uses AESOP to help both you and us manage the openings for sub-teachers.  AESOP is a superior way of being able to enjoy both being available to work and finding those openings that might open a door for more in your future. 

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