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Letter People & Themes Letter People & Themes
The Letter People The Letter People

Welcome!  The program, Let's Begin with The Letter People, is a comprehensive curriculum organized around themes that integrate knowledge across subject areas. Each child engages in explorative play to make his or her own unique sense of what is being experienced.

It focuses on promoting phonological awareness and building alphabetic skill-letter recognition. The program starts with language as an oral experience. The sequence in which The Letter People are introduced follows the sequence in which speech sounds are typically acquired.

Children are encouraged to talk and to listen, to tell about their experiences and ideas, to play with words, to experiment with rhymes and alliteration,to hear and repeat stories and songs and poems, including nursery rhymes. All of this is geared toward the development of phonological and phonemic awareness.

Each Letter Person wears an uppercase letter on the front and a lowercase letter on the back to support letter identification. Each has a distinguishing characteristic that is readily associated with the sound represented by that letter. And each sings a song that memorably reinforces that association.

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April Andrews
Long Beach Public Schools