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Functional Skills Curriculum Schedule

1st Block   - Literacy

  • Individuals will work at personal pace to increase their site-words, restaurant words, and survival words. We will complete book reports and daily writing activities.   

2nd Block  - Numeracy

  • Individuals will work at personal pace to increase their ability to tell time (analog/digital), count money, and measure. 

3rd Block  - Occupational Studies/Science/PE 

  • Individuals will work to complete at least two P.A.E.S. jobs daily. Students will also participant in activities that will help increase job skills. Students will discuss current events for Science.  We will all work on personal health by being active through physical activities and games. 

4th Block  - Language Arts/History

  • Students will discuss current events for History.  We will all work on our literacy skills, writing and vocabulary.

*To see more specific information please visit the Monthly Newsletter tab or the link below for the more detailed daily schedule. 

The links to the left will help sharpen skills in a fun, interactive way.



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