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Websites for Students Websites for Students

Reading, Writing, Grammar,
and Vocabulary Links


Starfall This site has really fun books, stories, and comics to read...or click on the words, and the site will read them to you!  Second graders should choose number 3 or 4!

Storyline Listen to famous actors read some of your favorite stories aloud!

Seussville  Reading and Games

Learning Vocab Can be Fun Learn vocab through crossword puzzles, wordsearches, hangman

I Know That-Language Arts choose grade level for word searches, matches, builders

The Berenstain Bears  Reading Games                                                   

Sally Warner Site Books for young readers, older readers, creativity

Read Write and Think Comic Creator Online comic creation template - very cool!

Fractured Fairy Tales Change characters, settings, points of view, plots in Fairy Tales

Houghton Mifflin Kids Place  Activities and links that go along with our weekly stories.

PBS Kids  This site made by PBS has some great reading games!

Noun Dunk  Common, Proper, or not noun

Contractions  Choose the correct contraction for the given words.

FunBrain Grammar Gorilla Parts of Speech

Same Difference  Synonyms, Antonyms

Opposites Choose words that have opposite meanings, use keyboard not mouse

Sentence Clubhouse Determine if statement, command, question, or exclamation

Alphabetizing Alphabetizing through the 3rd letter

ABC Order Determine which word comes first in alphabetical order

See n Spell Plurals Supply plural form of given words

Spelling Match Game Choose your grade level

Write Me a Story Challenge Try your writing skills, share your imagination, read  fun stories and maybe even get published on the Internet!

  Math Links


Place Value Puzzler
Great practice for understanding your ones/tens/hundreds/thousands/
Dragon Eggs (Odd/Even) This is a fun flying dragon game, you find the eggs and click on whether the numbers are odd or even.
Funbrain Math Baseball Adjust difficulty and content
Funbrain Math Arcade Adjust skill level grade 1-8
APlus Math Homework helper, flashcards, worksheets, gameroom
Stop the Clock Set the correct digital time to the correct analog time
Clockwise ages 5-9, 3 levels,set the required analog and digital times 
Test the Toad Addition Game
One False Move  Put numbers in correct order
AAA Math Activities Sort by subject or grade level
Funbrain Math Arcade Adjust skill level grade 1-8
Prongo Games, flashcards, brainteasers. Choose ages 3-12
Funbrain Kids Center Scroll down for about 50 different games
Bang on Time Stop the analog clock when the hands reach the requested time
Pizza Party Game of fractions
Little Animals Activity Center Choose from addition, subtraction, or both
Snakes and Ladders 1 player or 2 player activity.. works like chutes and ladders
Guess the Number guess number with high low clues
Addition Surprise Drag the number onto the number square with the correct combination of numbers.
Money Count dollars and cents
ToonUniversity Making Correct Change Place the correct number and types of coins in slot to equal desired amount
Funbrain Change Maker Choose from 4 levels of difficulty

  Other Curriculum Links
Science For Kids!! Keep up with the latest science news for kids! This site also has games and lots of real pictures!
My Pyramid Choose from My Pyramid for Kids, Steps to a Healthier Weight, Tour My Pyramid, Inside My Pyramid, or Tips and Resources

NASA for Students Features and News for K-4


Brain Quest Choose from ages 6-9 or 9-13


Brain boosters Categorization, reasoning, lateral thinking, logic, spacial awareness, word and letter play, number and math play


Animated Jigsaw Puzzle Move the animated pieces to make a picture


Thanks to teacher Vicky Moore for these awesome site for students!


Mrs. Tompkins' First Grade Class
Antioch Unified School District