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No more spelling homework!

Week of May 8th - 12th
cash     ship     fish     rush     shop
wish     mash     rash     shut     dish

Week of May 1st - 5th
day     stay     toy     boy     clay
gray     say     play     joy     may

Week of April 24th - 28th
bride     clam     prune     skid     slip
plane     step     blame     smoke     smog

Week of April 18th - 21st
state     smile     snap     skate     spoke
scrape     snake     stripe     strip     scrap

Week of April 3rd - 7th
grade     drive     prize     brave     drove
tribe     grave     froze     grove     trade

Week of Mar. 27th - 31st
slide     flame     blame     flat     plane
slid     glad     plate     save     plus

Week of Mar. 20th - 24th
hope     win     late     run     mix
wet     map     side     mine     leg

Week of Mar. 14th - 17th
tub     tube     cut     cute     us
use     rule     rude     run     June

Week of Mar. 6th - 9th
mine     mix     time     made     joke
make     pop     got     dad     hide  

Week of Feb. 27th - Mar. 3rd

No Spelling This Week

Week of Feb. 21st - 24th
hope     hop     not     note     rode
rod     rose     home     job     rope

Week of Feb. 6th - 10th
kit     kite     hid     hide     rip
ripe     like     fire     mile     bike

Week of Jan. 30th - Feb. 3rd
Sam     same     mad     made     can
cane     late     tap     tape     name

Week of Jan. 23rd - 27th
must     club     slam     drop     flag
flip     best     plan     grin     trap

Week of Jan. 17th - 20th
swim     smog     stop     spit     swam
skin     spot     skip     snap     step

Week of Jan. 9th - 13th
drug     trap     crab     grab     drip
drag     trip    drop     frog     brag

Week of Dec. 12th - 16th
slap     flat     slip     flag     clam
clap     flap     slug     club     slam

Week of Dec. 5th - 9th
fast     must     test     west     lost
mask     fist     desk     last     best

Week of Nov. 28th - Dec. 2nd
is     as     had     run     has
his     pet     bus     sit     got

Week of Nov. 14th - 18th
bus     sub     big     bat     cub
bag     rob     box     but     bed
Week of Nov. 7th - 10th
No Spelling This Week

Week of Nov. 1st - 4th
up     ax     pup     run     hug
fun     cut     hut     hit     rug    

Week of Oct. 24th - 28th
get     hen     men     him     red
win     fix     hit     did     jet

Week of Oct. 17th - 21st
sat     set     leg     pan     ten
red     mat     met     lot     let

Week of Oct. 10th - 14th
wet     get     red     net     leg
men     jet     hen     ten     pet

Week of Oct. 3rd - 7th
on     ox     hop     dog     hot
mom     not     pop     fox     got

Week of Sept. 26th - 30th
am    it    pit     pat    six
mix     ran     him      pan     man

Week of Sept. 19th - 23rd
it     in     if     wig     pin
hit     six     pig     fix     sit

Week of Sept. 12th - 16th
ax     an     am     wax     rag
tax     tag     lap     wag     pal

Week of Sept. 6th - 9th
ran     sad     rap     hat     ham
rat     had     dad     map     mad

Week of Aug. 29th
am     at     an     map     fat
man     sat     fan     mat     sap

Mrs. Tompkins' First Grade Class
Antioch Unified School District