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Welcome to the News page!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

We are learning about the Word of God and different kinds of writing in the Bible.

Grade 5 is learning about using the Distributive Property to multiply two-digit numbers. Look for daily homework.

We are learning about water on Earth and comparing salt water, fresh water, and frozen fresh water. We will make a bar graph of types of water on Earth. We will investigate where the fresh water is on Earth, and water quality in countries of the world.

ELA: We are working on a class book of suspense stories. After many peer reviews, revisions and edits, we will publish a book! Our book will be available to purchase, will be hard cover, and will include stories and color illustrations by our Fifth Grade authors. This will take us through the entire writing process and we will have a nice piece of literature to show for our efforts. I am very proud of the great effort on this project.

Our class has been studying the European explorers and conquistadors. Students worked in groups to create games to help learn more about explorers.

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