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Please down load the syllabus and other class files in the Resources section and keep them in your notes.

Visit this page often as it will continue to be updated very often. Check the board in class each day for updates and announcements.


Please read all the material on this page, Classroom News, and Resources.

Collision Theory Gizmo has been posted. It is due April 4/5. You need to turn in the completed Exploration Guide and answer the Assessment questions. Read the complete Gizmo Guide at the bottom of the classroom news page. (March 23)

District End of Quarter Test -- See Classroom News page.

End of third quarter note:

With just less than 2 weeks left, many of you have managed to raise your grades to just above the next grade level. While this is great, be careful. Just 1 low grade can take you back down a letter grade. Do Not Slip. There will be at least one more quiz and one or two classwork assignments.(March 12)

Solubility and Temperature Gizmo is due         March 9/10. See the Classroom News page for instructions.(Feb 27)

The Chemical Equations Gizmo has been posted. See the Classroom News page.

Articulation for 2017-2018 -- See Resources page

There will be a book check (for a grade) Feb 9/10. For those who were issued a physical book, you need to bring it to class and show me. Pictures are not acceptable. For those who have selected to use the electronic book, you need to do nothing. This is for one day only, don't forget.

Stoichiometry Gizmo has been posted on the Classroom News page.

For those students who will be missing class Feb 2, the class work was as follows:

In your notes:

Read pages 390-398. Vocabulary, keys, formula pg. 390, Figures 12.4 and 12-5, Sample problem 12.4.

To turn in:

SR12a-# 4, 10, 12, and 13. Questions and Answers. Must show your work. All answers should include a balanced equation.

District Test covering all the second Quarter material will be January 26/27. Make up will be Jan 30@ 2:30pm. You need to bring a sharpened #2 pencil and your calculator. Remember, phones can NOT be used as calculators.(Jan 20)

Calorie lab part 2 comments - See Classroom News page.

A tutoring flyer has been posted on the Resources page (near the bottom).

P2P tutoring (National Honor Society) has started in the Media center from 2:20-3:20 Monday to Thursday. All subjects.

Those who did not pay their Science Fee, see Classroom News page.

On Sept 7/8,  we will be signing up for Gizmos during class. If you were not present, you will need to come in before school        ( 6:45-7:00) or after school (2:30-2:45 M-Thurs.) to sign up.

Remember, you should have the syllabus, safety rules, and discipline plan in your notes. These are fair game for a quiz.

Uniforms that are deemed inappropriate by the administration (i.e. too short, too baggy, not tucked in, etc) will result in students changing to school issued uniforms in addition to the listed outcomes. Excessive violations may result in the termination of extra-curricular activities. 

Updated Electronic Device Policy for 2016-2017

Using or displaying an electronic device (i.e. cell phone, I-Pod, etc) during school hours will result in the confiscation of the device in addition to the listed outcomes. Electronic devices will ONLY be returned to the parent or legal guardian of the student 24 hours after the device is confiscated. 

Dial A Teacher



Lunch applications: Students can apply on-line at

Insurance: Apply online at (non-athletes only). For those interested in sports,                           go to the Athletics office, room 131.



 For new students, please read:


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. Your syllabus will be reviewed on the first day of class. Please print a copy of the syllabus, Discipline Plan,and safety rules from the Resources page and keep it in your class notebook. A basic list of materials you will need can be found below. Please have these items on the second day of class.

Class notebook. Three ring binder with paper. Paper must be 8 1/2 x 11 or 10 1/2 x 8 ( college ruled or wide ruled) only.

Blue or black pen

A number 2 pencil and eraser

One letter size file folder

Calculator. A scientific calculator is strongly recommended. A graphing calculator is NOT required, but can be used. Basic scientific calculators can be purchased for about $15 at Walgreens or Office Depot.

For the second day of class:
Please bring back the "Contract" page signed by you and your parent. This is for a grade.


Also, bring in the Electronic Book form signed. If not, you will be issued a text book. 



Important Student Log In information -- Please read


To meet Federal and local security compliance laws and rules, the account process for student passwords is being re-established. This compliance is being managed through a new updated release of the district's existing password management solution.



Lab resources on Resources page.

Gizmo grading information can be found on the Classroom News page.


Student Log On Accounts are now active. These are your OWN accounts.  You must follow this procedure or you will be instantly locked out.

Access to your school e-mail account can be found in your student portal. 

If you need to have your password reset to the default value, see me privately.


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