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Welcome to Mrs. McEneany 

PreK4 Classroom


During the month of October:

 In Religion, we are celebrating Mary the Mother of God.  We learned about the Rosary and made our own decade of the rosary with pipe cleaners and 10 beads.

In Math, we are working on patterns, counting to 5, 1 to 1 correspondence and categorizing (big, medium, small).

In ELA, we have read many stories about Fall and Halloween.  We are learning about the setting and characters of a story.  We are also working on the letters Aa, Bb, Cc and Dd.  We have made many fun projects with these letters and learned the sounds they make.

In Science, we explored sinking and floating.  We looked at the parts of a pumpkin and well as learning about a pumpkin's life cycle.  We also made Obleck with corn starch, water and food coloring - it was fun to touch!  We have also been keeping track of the weather - we are so lucky to see so many changes.  

In Social Studies, we are learning about Fire Safety and how Firefighters can help us.

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Michele McEneany
St. Rita School
Dioceses of Rochester
1008 Maple Drive
Webster, New York 14580