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Scribble Maps Scribble Maps


Scribble Maps is a fun and useful application for drawing and typing on Google Maps. UsingScribble Maps anyone can draw and type on a map. All of the zoom options and most of the search options available on Google Maps are available when using Scribble Maps. You can zoom in on an area and then type text, draw a circle or a box around an area, you can even doodle stick figures or whatever you like on your map.

How To Us Scribble Maps:

Using Scribblemaps is quite simple, just head over to the homepage and zoom into a location in Google maps. Then use the menu bar to add text, arrows, shapes and directions.


Once you have added all the directions and markers, save the map, and you will be provided a unique ID of your customized map.


Next, you have to choose a password so that you can edit the map at a later time.


Hit “Save” and you are done. You will be shown a link to your customized Google map, which can then be shared via email or other social networking sites. You can also embed the customized map in your blog or website.

Maps created by using Scribble Maps can be shared via email or embedded into your website as shown above.

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