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Fake Facebook Profile or Wall Template Fake Facebook Profile or Wall Template

Grade 6: Character Fakebook Page


1. Choose Abe Fakebook Page Profile.

2. Choose MS Word.

3. Choose "open".

Use the Abe Lincoln template to create a profile page exactly like the example. All sections must be filled in, in context to the character you have chosen from the book. Keep in mind the time period of the character you are using.


Required Fakebook Information

1. Friends: List the names and a photo of four friends.

2. Profile Information: Fill in correct answers in the "Basic Information" ,"Personal Information", "Contact Information" and "Education and Work" sections to the best of your ability.

3.Don't forget to add your "status update" at the top of the page. No silly comments!

4. Don't forget to add a profile picture at the top left hand side of the page.

At the end of class, do a "save as" and save the project to your desktop.


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