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Welcome to Library/Media Science!

New and exciting things are happening in the library and computer lab at the start of the 2016/17 school year. We have recently begun the process to develop the library into a more extensive media center. To do so there is now a set of PCs in the library where we will be holding a combined library/computer class for the elementary grades. In the computer lab we are going to be utilizing new operating systems on the PCs and laptops and will be integrating new STEM programming into the curriculum. This school year the Middle School students will also be undertaking the publication of a school newspaper as part of Library/Media Science which will be hopefully be published in print and digital format. 

*5th-8th Grade Parents please find links to the classroom expectations and grading policy, and Google Drive permission forms attached in the computers section. Please note that both forms must be signed at returned to school in order for students to be granted full computer privileges.*   

Course Description:

The Library/Media Science course is a “special” course that is taken by all students at Saint Mary’s Institute (Early Childhood-Eighth Grade). The primary goal of the course is to teach students how to utilize the resources we have available at Saint Mary’s, to access information, foster creativity, and develop an eagerness to learn. The Library/Media Science course is also designed to support the classroom teachers by teaching students to use the technologies and resources necessary to support 21st Century learning.

In Library/Media Science students begin in elementary school by learning how to properly utilize the library, including how to choose and find books, and how to behave correctly in a library environment. They also learn the basics of how to operate a computer and how to use it to find and disseminate information electronically. By middle school students are able to utilize the library to conduct research projects and and to develop personal literacy, while becoming proficient in the latest online and offline educational software and honing their computer skills. This education focuses heavily on appropriate use of technology and media. Students are exposed to technology in a safe space and taught how to navigate the potential dangers of modern technology particularly the internet while upholding our Catholic values. By the time students leave Saint Mary’s they will have a foundation that will allow them to further their technology education in whatever route best serves them, whether that be artistic, academic, or technical. Our students will be able to continue their educational careers, able to take advantage of whatever informational resources are available with a thirst for knowledge intact.

St. Mary's Institute is an established Christian community that fosters Catholic values which encompass human dignity and discipline while nurturing an environment that enables a sound faith to flourish. Providing a rigorous curriculum inclusive of 21st century skills, that inspires students to achieve their potential and meet the needs of a demanding and ever-changing world.

Welcome to Library/Media Science