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June 2, 2014





Twenty to thirty minutes each evening is an appropriate amount of time for homework for your first grader.  The following activities can be included in your study sessions.  I suggest you use a variety of activities on different nights.



1.       All homework will be listed in the weekly newsletter and posted on my webpage. Check the newsletter for math homework, title of story, vocabulary and spelling words.


2.       Practice writing and spelling words from the spelling list.  Ask your child how we clap out the spelling words.  I have also taught them a motion activity (tall, short and basement letters) to make spelling words fun. 


3.        We will have ten lessons for each story. Practice reading the assigned story on Monday and Thursday nights. Besides fluency, I will use the story to teach reading skills, such as predicting, sequencing, phonics and language.


4.       When studying weekly vocabulary (memory) words, make it fun!  Make a memory game, make up sentences with the words, fill in the blanks, have your child use a spatula to flip the words they know, look for the words in other stories, etc.  Movement and variety will help your child remember the words.


5.       Read library books together.  It is important for you to continue to read to your child for enjoyment.  It also helps increase vocabulary and develops background knowledge that is essential for reading skills.


6.       Write sentences, little stories, cards and notes.  Remember – writing is a process.  Children learn one step at a time and all efforts of communication through the written word should be praised.


7.  Your child may need help reading the directions on side B of the math paper. Check and sign or initial your child's math homework. Thank you!







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