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WebQuests » Dinosaur WebQuest » You've Got Mail!

You've Got Mail!

You've Got Mail!




My name is Dino. I'm the caretaker at the dinosaur museum. I've been asked to join a group of paleontologist on their dinosaur dig! I'm so excited to go but I need someone to watch over the museum. Can you help me?


First, you'll need to learn some facts about dinosaurs. Then I need you to tell everyone about the dinosaur exhibits. I have three short movies to get you on your way and you can create a dinosaur museum plaque to help share what you have learned.


Thank you so much, I feel so much better now that my museum will be cared for!


Click on the movie reel below to watch and learn about these great creatures that used to roam the earth!


Have fun, see you when I get back!!


        Click the movie reel!



Let's download the Friendly Letter Template at the bottom to write back to Dino. After we download the template, you will watch some movies to help you write him back. After the movies you should be able to let him know one thing that you learned, what you will do to make sure his museum is taken care of and wish him well on his trip!


  Click the arrow to go back to the WebQuest!

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