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Students » Grade 3 » Grade 3 American Revolution

Grade 3 American Revolution
American Revolution Project


American Revolution 

Part of the third grade classroom curriculum is to learn about the American Revolution. Thus, during technology class, students in grade 3 will create a Power Point presentation revolving around one of the following topics: People of the Revolution, Causes of the War, or Major Battle. By incorporating the knowledge they have learned in class about Microsoft Power Point and research information they find on the web, students will gain a better understanding of integrating research and technology skills to present information to their peers as well as gain important historical knowledge. 

Students will be given a partial Power Point template to assist them in this process.

People of the Revolution

People of the Revolution-Page 2

People of the Revolution Page 3

Causes of the War



Timeline of the American Revolution

Clip Art

American Revolution Clip Art

General Links

1. American Revolution Think Quest - - excellent site divided up into major events, lifestyles, battles,  people

2. Liberty – PBS - - sample newspapers of different events, timeline, life in the colonies, military perspective

3. Liberty’s Kids - - American Revolution Information

4Ben’s Guides to U.S. Government - - has historical documents, and other activities that explain the U.S. government

5Shot Heard Round the World Movie - - excellent short movie on the beginning of the American Revolution

6American Revolution Movies -

7Paul Revere’s Ride -  

8. Mrs. Thonus' American Revolution Website

9. Kids Konnect - American Revolution

10. Online Movies about the American Revolution

11. The American Revolution

12. American Revolution - general websites

13. American Revolution for Kids

14. Kidport Reference Library

15. Digital History







In alignment with MA State Frameworks’ Standards: 3.4 Introduction to the importance of the political, economic, and military developments leading to and during the American Revolution relative to the state of Massachusetts.

Related Files

pptx PPTX file: You need Microsoft PowerPoint to view this file. To learn more about the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, visit the the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

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