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We are currently learning about the human body.

I am very pleased to be your gifted/advanced child’s teacher!  This is my 20th year at Fruitville and I love the families and students of this local treasure!  My own children attended here and have many fond memories of their Fruitville days.

 We will be actively learning through differentiated instruction geared toward your child’s advanced level.   Students will be discovering and growing as they create projects, work in cooperative groups, explore thematic units, perform science experiments, go on field trips, study their personalized spelling list, make great friends and more.   These bright students will be learning chess, Spanish, creative dramatics, exploring multiplication and division as well as the Sarasota County mandated Common Core curriculum standards. 


My 1st Grade Gifted Class is part of the SPARK team.  The word SPARK is really an acronym.  An acronym is a word that is formed by combining the first letters of other words.  SPARK means Superior Performance Attaining Real-world Knowledge…you desire knowledge that is important and meaningful to your life, the teachers help deliver that knowledge through a variety of activities, and we want everyone to try their best to show their superior performance; which means you will try your very best in everything that you do.  Feel proud to be part of the SPARK team!


The teachers on the SPARK Team are:

First Grade Gifted:      Mrs. Cunningham

Second Grade Gifted: Mrs. Johnson

Third Grade Gifted:     Mrs. Rice

Fourth Grade Gifted:   Mrs. Mayers

Fifth Grade Gifted:      Mrs. Cain


Our class will be working closely with Mrs. Johnson’s 2nd grade gifted class. We will have similar projects, drama activities, talent development opportunities, shared science and social studies events and more.  Our students will be given a variety of choices concerning projects, activities and reading selections so that they may explore their own interests.


Each Friday of the week, look for your child to bring home a weekly progress report that will be stapled to graded class work.  At the end of every week, you'll find this progress report in the binder that I have provided for each student.


The Weekly Progress Report should reflect how well your child did that week.  Please   sign and return   that paper.  I ask the students for it each Monday morning.  This helps me communicate with you about your child’s progress.  I physically check the binders each Monday and Friday.  This binder will hold the student’s individual spelling list, homework assignments, current AR book, reading log and weekly newsletter.   Please be careful to send the binder to school daily in the backpack.


Also each Friday, look for the week’s homework assignments in the white binder.  The assignments will be attached to the newsletter/cover sheet that will explain the week’s homework and current class events.  You may also check this website for a copy of the newsletter.   We will begin spelling words on week three.  Information about our individualized spelling program will come home soon.


One of my goals is to provide a welcoming and loving atmosphere for your child everyday at school.   We have three basic rules: Be honest, Follow directions, Be respectful to people and property.  We reward ourselves for being good citizens by: using the “Thank You Box”, Treasure Box and earning marbles so that we enjoy class parties for our outstanding behavior.  Each student has a little magnetized bear on the cabinet with their name on it.  The bears can move down to yellow (warning), orange, or red if rules are broken.  This “bear” system helps students stay on task and practice good citizenship.  It works great!  We also use “12 inch voices” in my room which basically means that no one should be able to hear you speak more than 12 inches from your mouth.  We whisper so as not to disturb others (parents too please).


Volunteers are always welcomed and needed in my classroom.  You can help students in our room on a one-on-one basis in many ways.   Please complete the  TeamUP volunteer requirements on our office computer so you can be helping in my room ASAP!  I will need lots of help grading spelling pre-tests on Mondays and giving individual spelling tests on Fridays, plus listening to students read and keeping a record of their AR points.

It's going to be an OUTSTANDING and EXCITING year.

                                                Mrs. Cunningham                                         

941- 923-1699        (home phone)

PS    Please know that I daily try to teach and love your child the way I wanted my own to be taught and loved. 


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