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Second Year Spanish

Second Year Spanish students use the Realidades 2 textbook.

Realidades 2 Click on the picture to get to the online resources!

Para empezar study/review:

Question words:

Question words:





Tema 1 - Chapter 1 A

to talk about what you do in class
to talk about classroom rules
to name school objects
other useful words
Chapter 1A Vocabulary flashcards and quiz:


More vocabulary practice:

Vocabulary crossword puzzle:

Stem changing verbs game for 1 or 2 players:

Hangman game:

Games and flashcards:

Affirmative and negative words (study, games & quiz):

Flash cards with sound:

Stem-changing verbs quiz:

Chapter 1B Resources:

Flash cards with sound:

Multiple choice vocab quiz:

Flash cards with games:

Vocab games:

Tema 1 - Chapter 1 B
to talk about extracurricular activities
to talk about music and drama
to talk about actions with activities
other useful words

Flashcards with pictures:

Chapter 2a Resources:

Reflexives hangman games:

Chapter vocabulary games:

Rags to Riches/reflexive verbs:

Rags to Riches/ser y estar:

Battleship with reflexive verbs:

More practice with reflexives:

Crucigrama (crossword puzzle):

Challenge Board (1/2 players):

Jumbled words:

Challenge Board (the body):

Flash cards with sound:

Flash cards/games with pictures:

Animated verbs:

Chapter 2b resources:

Flash cards:

Flash cards with pictures:

Flash cards with sound:


Many games with vocabulary:

Quiz yourself:

Try this one:

word search and more:

practice the preterite:

burrito builder conjugation game:


Chapter 3A resources:

3A Vocab Games@Study Stacks

preterite game:

DOP game:

Vocabulary games:

Errands and expressions games:

Preterite Challenge Board Game (Jeopardy) :

More like Jeopardy:

Rages to Riches:

More Rags to Riches:

Ir/Ser Hangman:

Vocab flashcards/games:

More flashcards/games:

Direct object pronoun hangman
Direct object pronoun pop up
Direct object pronouns word order

Direct and Indirect Objects: Easier: Battleship

Realidades2 3A ESTUVE~FUI Study Stacks

Tema 3: Irregular Preterit Cloze: fui~estuve~hice~pude~tuve

Chapter 3B Resources:

Several "cool" games:

Vocabulary: (Flash cards with images) (Hangman)

Direct Object Pronouns (DOP):

DOP's for dummies:

Chapter 4A Resources:

4A Vocab Games@Study Stacks

Tema 4A Vocabulario Pictures: Games~Flashcards@Quizlet

Tema 4A Childhood Vocabulary:Spanish/English: Games~Flashcards@Quizlet

Imperfecto Conjugation Flashcards$Games@Quizlet

Imperfecto: Ángel o diablo?

Imperfecto: IRREGULAR: IR~SER~VER Flashcards&Games@Quizlet NOTE: Avoid last column!


Rags to riches:

DO THIS!!!!!!

Chapter 4B resources:

Use these to study your vocabulary:

Preterite vs imperfect practice: (Battleship game)

Chapter 5A Resources:

Several games...Hungry Bug!!


flash cards and games:

You tube video on vocabulary:

Preterite vs. imperfect:

Practice the preterite (Rags to riches):

Chapter 5B Resources:

Capítulo 5B Battleship:

Challenge Board: Irregular Preterite Verbs

Hungry Bug and more:


Chapter 6A Resources:

Study stack:



Rags to riches:


Spanish 1 y 2 - Joe Souvignier
Rampart High School - District 20

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