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Internet Safety
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Grades 3-5

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Private and Personal Information
As students visit sites that request information about their identity, they learn to adopt a critical inquiry process that empowers them to protect themselves and their families from identity theft.

The Power of Words: Students consider that they may encounter online messages from other kids that can make them feel angry, hurt, sad, or fearful. They explore ways to handle cyberbullying and how to respond in the face of upsetting language online.

Bad Netiquette Stinks: Potty-Mouth Pete is trying to spread bad netiquette all over the Internet. Can Clicky, Webster, and Nettie stop him before it’s too late?

The Key to KeywordsStudents learn strategies to increase the accuracy of their keyword searches. They compare the number and kinds of sites obtained and make inferences about the effectiveness of the strategies. 

Whose Is It, Anyway: Students learn that although the Internet makes it very easy, copying the work of others and presenting it as one’s own is called plagiarism. They also learn about circumstances in which it is permissible to use the work of others.

Strong Passwords: Students learn how to create secure passwords in order to protect their private information and accounts online.

Digital Citizenship Pledge: Students will establish group norms to create a positive online community that promotes responsible and respectful digital behavior within their classroom.

Talking Safely OnlineStudents learn that, while people can develop rewarding friendships online, they should be cautious with online-only friends and never reveal private information without asking a parent or trusted adult for permission.

Super Digital Citizen: Students explore what it means to be responsible and respectful to their offline and online communities as a step toward learning how to be good digital citizens.

What's CyberbullyingStudents discuss positive and negative aspects of interacting with others online.

Samantha's Choice: Even though Samantha loves ballet, she says she is going to quit. As McGruff would say, "Where there is smoke, there is fire. And where this someone upset and won't say why, there is usually a bully." Ride along with McGruff as he works to solve the mystery and help everyone understand how to put a stop to bullying.

Internet Safety

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