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  Preschool & Child Development Programs

Preschool Program Philosophy

We believe that children learn through play. It is an essential part of a child's education. Research has proven that children learn the way we all learn - through experience and engagement with the real world around them, including the interpersonal experiences they share with other children. Playtime for children is a fundamental avenue for learning. When children actively and purposefully explore, or "play," with materials using all of their senses, they learn. Through play, children build self-confidence skills; develop critical thinking and leadership skills; and learn problem solving skills.

Our preschool programs provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment that blend child initiated and teacher directed activities designed to promote success for every child. Developmentally appropriate activities are created by the teaching staff based on the children's abilities, needs, and differences as a whole class and as individuals. As children participate in these activities, they will acquire new information, develop and master skills, organize previous learning, learn perseverance and focus, solve problems, and develop creativity and friendships. The teaching staff will guide children's learning as they facilitate children's involvement with materials and others through play. Worksheets are not a learning tool utilized in our classroom. It is important to remember and recognize that all areas of a child's development are interrelated. Children in our classrooms are engaged physically and mentally in activities and with materials that have been carefully selected by the teaching staff and placed in the environment to support their learning. In our classrooms, children will develop positive feelings towards learning and build self-esteem as they engage in play, small group instruction, and large group activities.


Child Development Program Philosophy

The Saugus Union School District Child Development Program provides children in kindergarten through sixth grade with a safe, enriched, age-appropriate environment before and after school. We provide a high-quality program that strives for excellence through enrichment activites planned and implemented by knowledgeable staff educated in the field of Child Development.

Child Development Program staff communicates and works with administration, elementary school staff, and parents to provide each child with a social, emotional, and academically supportive environment.

Child Development Program staff are valued and work in an environment that allows them to be creative, gain knowledge, and make meaningful contributions to the program, children, parents, and community.

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