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Throughout the school year, we will be offering several opportunities to buy books & novelty items for you to keep and enjoy with your family. When you purchase these books & items, we will receive credit to purchase books for our programs, preschool & school age. You are not obligated to make any purchases, but we ask that if you are looking for these items, that you consider us.

Books Are Fun
This is a Reader's Digest program that offers books and novelty items at a discounted rate. Every quarter, our representative, Beverly Murdock, brings a variety of the latest items for sale. For every ten items we sell at our location, we earn books for our program. To learn more about this program, please visit:

Preschool Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Clubs Ordering Information

Class Activation Code: KJQTX

Dear Charles Helmers Preschool Families,

This year our class has been ordering books from Scholastic Book Clubs! We have had to put this program on hold, but we have now activated our new account. When you order from this account, we earn points for free books for our program. There is no obligation to purchase anything, but we ask you to take a look at what is offered when you intend to purchase literature.

If you have already completed the registration process, we ask that you update the Class Activation Code to KJQTX so that we may receive the points from your orders to earn our free books to enhance your child’s literacy environment. If you have not registered and would like to, please see the instructions below to register.

To start ordering online, follow these simple steps:

REGISTER at Scholastic Book Clubs' secure Web site (, and create your own User Name and Password. ENTER the one time “Class Activation Code” (KJQTX) to link you to your child's preschool program. BROWSE the wide selection of books with your child.

  1. PAY safely and securely for your selections using your credit card. SEND the order to your child's teacher online, and watch your child get excited to read!

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