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September 12, 2017

Dear Parents,

            I am enjoying the opportunity to work with your child this year!  We have had a great first week in 4th grade and I am sure our year ahead will be a great one.  Unfortunately I will not be able to attend our curriculum night tomorrow, September 13, as my daughter has a mandatory meeting for parents at her school tomorrow evening as well.  Please feel free to visit the school and the special area teachers, our classroom will not be open tomorrow evening.

            I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some important information regarding this school year. 

            Our classroom behavior system is focusing on positive behaviors.  When your child is “caught” doing well by either following directions, completing work, or being a friend he/she may be rewarded with a ticket.  The tickets are then placed in a bucket (our’s is a pumpkin) and tickets are pulled on Friday for a trip to the treasure box.  If your child is not following the rules or directions he/she will receive a check.  If your child receives 1 check he/she will lose 5 mins of recess, 2 checks he/she will lose all of recess, more than 3 checks and we (your child and I) will be calling home together.  On Fridays we will be having Friday Fun.  To earn Friday Fun, your child must complete the homework assignments for the week and have less than 8 checks in the week.  If Friday Fun is not earned, your child will sit out from the extra recess time.

            In ELA, we will be working this year on becoming active thinkers about our reading.  The students have been taking notes already as we read, asking themselves what they think about what they know from the reading.  For instances: The character Danny moved away from his home because his parents needed better jobs.  I think this is sad as he might miss his grandparents and friends. or I think it is hard to make new friends. or This reminds me of when I had to move to a new school.  As the year progresses we will be having reading groups, reading chapter books together and using parts of the state modules.  The students are highly encouraged to take Accelerated Reader quizzes on any books they read in school and at home.  The students are also asked to read each night at home for 20 mins and complete the reading log for their reading.  Once they have read 100 mins, they may bring their reading logs in for a prize.  This is something I would encourage them to take responsibility for on their own, except for the parents signature.  We have talked in class about taking responsibility and managing their time, so if they don’t read tonight they would need to read more tomorrow.  I have also attached a separate letter for you regarding the spelling program we will be using this year and we will be starting this on Monday, September 18th.

            In Math we will be following the My Math series.  Your child will have math homework Monday-Thursday night.  In addition to the My Math series we are working on having our math facts be automatic.  The students will be taking a 2 minute timed math quiz each Friday.  There are 100 questions on the test, starting with addition, then subtraction, next multiplication, followed by division.  To move to the next level you must complete all 100 questions correctly in the 2 minutes.  At the completion of each level, the student will receive a prize!  Please help your child practice his facts each night, just five minutes in the car will make a difference!

            In Social Studies we have started studying Native Americans, specifically the Iroquois.  We will also be studying Colonial Times, the Revolutionary War, and some of the history in New York State. 

            In Science we will be studying the Life Science and Earth Science in New York State.          

            Mrs. Kuras (preK-3) will be teaching Religion on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

            I will be sending home information regarding parent teacher conferences in the middle of October. 

            Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.  Also, to help me meet your child’s needs please fill out the attached sheet at your earliest convenience and include the best way to contact you in the future (e-mail or phone call).

            Our specials schedule is as follows:

            Monday: Library and P.E.

            Tuesday: Music

            Wednesday: Health

            Thursday: P.E. and Art

            Friday: Counseling and Technology

I look forward to seeing you soon!  Please feel free to contact me anytimeJ

            Mrs. Heather Sponable    

Mrs. Sponable's Class
St. John Neumann School

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