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October 10, 2017

Dear Parents,

        I hope you are enjoying a nice, warm fall!  We have been busy at school and your children are amazing!  I love to see how much they are reading at school and at homeJ  Thank you for your support with homework each night; we will have homework Monday-Thursday!  Thank you also for your flexibility with Open House a few weeks ago, I really appreciate it.

        The students are very helpful to each other at times but have had moments where they are struggling to be respectful to each other.  We have had Friday Fun each week and have had students miss out due to their behavior.  Please encourage your child to be kind to everyoneJ

        In ELA we are finishing a short novel called, Eagle Song.  This novel is in correlation with our social studies unit on the Iroquois.  At the completion of the novel, the students will be asked to complete a small project and will also have a test.  Both the project and the test will be counted as test grades in My Student Progress.  After completing the novel, we will begin guided reading, where students will be reading books at their instructional reading level. 

        In Math our unit is Add and Subtract Whole Numbers.  The students are doing well on their timed math facts tests and we have some students who are almost ready to move onto subtraction!  Way to go!

        In Social Studies we have learned how the Iroquois built their homes, named their children, ways they recorded information, how they used different parts of animals, took baths, etc.  Please encourage your child to share some interesting facts with you about the Iroquois and how they are different than us.  When you are in school, please be sure to check out our dream catcher writing in the hallway!

        In Science have learned about plant and animal cells, how living things are grouped, how plants and animals are classified, and we will be learning how animals adapt in the coming weeks.

        In Religion the class has been learning about The Ten Commandments. 

        We are using I-Ready again at school.  If you have access to a computer at home please encourage your child to go on the website at least twice a week for 20 mins each time, to practice both math and reading lessons.

        If you could please email so I can email you news from our class each month that would be great!

        Thank you again for all that you do to ensure your child is successful and has a wonderful 4th grade year!

        Heather Sponable

Mrs. Sponable's Class
St. John Neumann School

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