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SNC1D Gr.9 Science » Unit 1 Biology

Unit 1 Biology
Sustainable Ecosystems Dear Students & Parents, 


Your UNIT 1 TEST on Ecology will be on FRIDAY OCTOBER 7. All categories (KU, TI, AP, CM) will be on the test, and it is a weight of 5.

Thurs. Oct. 6 from 3:00-4:00 pm in Rm.212. 

YOU MUST BE HERE ON THAT DAY - skipping or having appointments made on that day without letting me know ahead of time will earn you a ZERO on the test. If you know you will not be here, you must arrange that with me BEFORE Friday.

Study Guide
Part A: Knowledge & Understanding (20 marks)
- Multiple choice
- ALL key terms & key concepts
Part B: Communication (10 marks)
- Carbon Cycle
- Human impact on carbon cycle
Part C: Thinking & Investigation (20 marks)
- Aquatic & Terrestial ecosystems; food chains; energy pyramids
- biotic & abiotic factors
- population, limiting factors, carrying capacity
- pests & pesticides
Part D: Application (15 marks)
- pollution
- species at risk
- pests & pesticides

Week 1: Congratulations, we have completed...

  • all Diagnostic Tests (general diagnostic, literacy and math)
  • set up our binders with course outline and signed student contracts; 5 dividers should be in place; behind the first divider should be the Biology Unit 1 title page, the Unit Outline, the Glossary Page, following that will be any notes and handouts received in the future.
  • Block 1 and Block 2 are now completed (key terms & homework on sections 2.1 and 2.2 should be done)

Tues. Sept. 13
  • Block 3 key terms & text questions (ch. 2.8 & 2.9)
  • Canadian Biomes Worksheet completed

Thurs. Sept. 15
  • Block 4 key terms & text questions (ch. 2.5)
  • REMINDER: QUIZ ON TUESDAY SEPT. 20 on everything in Blocks 1 to 4
  • Please look through the documents below, and print the ones that say "PRINT". These are pages that will help limit the amount of writing you have to do during class :)

This weekend, please take a few minutes to sign up for GIZMOS! (see Gr9 Science homepage for instructions).

Mon. Sept. 19
  • 2.7 Limiting Factors and Carrying Capacity (worksheet/note) - finish both sides
  • We also reviewed in class how to plot a line graph, what are dependent and independent variables, and how to determine carrying capacity on a graph
  • Complete the "Population Case Study - Graphing Assignment" handout - finish both sides
  • Block 5 key terms & text questions (ch. 2.7)
  • REMINDER: QUIZ tomorrow!!

Tues. Sept. 20
  • We took up the graphing assignment (populations case study)
  • Notes on Carbon Cycle
  • Please finish "The Interactions of Living Things" handout for homework (plant & mouse case study)

Wed. Sept. 21
  • Finish notes on Carbon Cycle & Nitrogen Cycle
  • Complete Block 6 & 7 key terms and text questions

Thurs. Sept. 22 - Fri. Sept.23
  • Download and print "Student Exploration Sheet" (on my site or on GIZMO site)
  • Complete GIZMO activity @ - using your login!
  • Introduce Unit 1 Lab - Growing Plants (you will receive instructions, timeline of events, due dates, and expectations for the lab - please note that the lab will take about a month to complete)

Computer Lab Day to perform GIZMOS:

My Period 2 class - we will meet in Room 112 on Friday Sept. 23

My Period 4 class - we will meet in Room 112 on Thursday Sept. 22

Mon. Sept. 26
  • HOMEWORK CHECK for Blocks 3-7 & Ecological Footprint
  • Take up homework - blocks 5-7 (if you were not here, make sure you check answers with someone in your group!)
  • Homework: Block 8 (Nitrogen Cycle)
  • Reminder: Quiz TOMORROW on the Carbon Cycle

Tues. Sept. 27
  • Carbon Cycle Quiz
  • Take Notes on Pests & Pesticides

Wed. Sept. 28
  • "Growing Plants" LAB PLANNING DAY with your group (full period)
  • Reminder: each group is submitting ONE copy of their Lab Proposal DUE THIS FRIDAY - ensure that the person who keeps this sheet is going to be here on Friday!

Thurs. Sept. 29
  • Finish notes on Pests & Pesticides
  • Homework: Block 9 text questions

Fri. Sept. 30...the last day of September!
  • SOIL LAB proposal is DUE today at the beginning of class
  • Design Observation Tables for your plant lab

Mon. Oct. 3
  • Start notes on Species at Risk
  • Homework: Block 11 text question
  • Groups should have started germination of their seeds today

Tues. Oct. 4
  • SOIL LAB QUIZ (wt-3)
  • Finish notes on Species at Risk
  • Take up homework

Wed. Oct. 5
  • Your seeds might be ready to plant, check to see that they've germinated 
  • Groups that need to prepare their stressors for the lab should do so today
  • Handout was given out on "pollution, forestry, and succession" - make sure you read the notes and complete BLOCK 12

Thurs. Oct. 6
  • Planting day! most of your seeds have germinated, and they are ready to plant!
  • Review day for Unit 1 Test
  • After school "extra-help" from 3-4pm

Fri. Oct. 7
  • UNIT TEST DAY!! Good luck :) 
  • Binders & Notebooks were checked
  • Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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