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Dr. Dan Zeroski » Nutrition and Wellness Syllabus

Nutrition and Wellness Syllabus

Instructor: Dr. Dan Zeroski

Test and Resources required:

Glencoe textbook "Health Guide to Wellness

American Red Cross First Aid Book

American Heart association Book

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide the student with a complete overview of health education. This course uses lectures, discussions,readings,films, guest speakers, and hands-on activities to help the students understand all aspects of personal and community health.

Course Objectives:

*The goal of the nutrition and wellness curriculum at Stillwater High School is to provide the student with background in basic health to concepts in order to live a healthy life style.

*Use of the text and outside materials to familiarize the student with each area of wellness.

*Provide information on living that the student will continue to use throughout their life.

*Encourage the student to adopt habits of proper nutrition and proper fitness.

*Provide the students with the information necessary to cope with the changes that will occur from adolescence through old age.

*Help student understand the consequences of dangerous choices:tobacco, alcohol drugs, and violence.

*Provide information about STD'S (including AIDS).

Class Policies:

* Any student caught cheating will receive a zero on that assignment.

* No student will be allowed out of the classroom without a hall pass.

*Student are responsible for making up work missed during absences. The student has two days for every day missed  to complete work once he/she returns to school.

* Work that is turned in late will not receive full credit, except in case when the student is absent from school on that work's due date. In that event, work will be due on the day of the students return to school.

*Students are responsible for complying with all classroom rule and Stillwater High School rules and policies for behavior, as stated in the school handbook.

Assessment Policy:

Grades will derived from:

Test            50% of the total points

Quizzes/labs 10% of the total points

Homework    40% of the total points

Letter Grades:

90% of total points A

80% of total points B

70% of total points C

60% of total points D

59% of total points for


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