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Units of Study » Human Origins in Africa and Through the Neolithic

Human Origins in Africa and Through the Neolithic Human Origins in Africa and Through the Neolithic

August 9                    How Geography Relates to History and Pretest: Ancient History

August 12                  Clues to the Past; Vocabulary

August 13                  Detectives! People Who Study the Past; Artifact Puzzle
                                 Job Classifications; Archaeology Video Clip

August 14                  Uncovering the Past Quiz; Electronic Passport to Prehistory
                                 HW: Study Guide Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past

August 15                  Electronic Passport to Prehistory; Time Dating Power point
                                 HW:  Study for Chapter 1 Test

August 16                  Continue with Time Dating; Chapter 1 Test

August 19                  Introduce Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic; Power point Early Humans;
                                 Early Humans Matrix; Students Create Early Humans Wanted Poster

August 20                  Power point Life in the Stone Age (Paleolithic Era); Sites of Human
                                 Remains Map; Complete Paleolithic part of the graphic organizer

August 21                  Power point Life in the Stone Age (Mesolithic Era and Early Human
                                Migration); Complete Mesolithic part of the graphic organizer

August 22                 Power point Life in Stone Age (Neolithic Era and The Beginnings of
                                Agriculture); Complete Neolithic part of the graphic organizer
                                Two-cell cartoon that compares-contrast Neolithic Era to life today

August 26                 Listen to Story "Boy of the Painted Cave." Students will create cave art.

August 27                 Hunter-Gathers; From Hunters-gathers to Farmers (The Agricultural

August 28                Stone Age Stations; HW: Complete Chapter 2 Study Guide

August 29                Brain Pop "Agricultural Revolution; Timeline Eras of the Stone Age;
                               Video Clip: The Impact of Early Migration to North America (3:46 min)
                               Students Create Flipbook discussing Climate; Use of Plants; Use of Animals;
                               and Daily Life. Use Flipbook to start: Early Man Writing Activity;
                               Grade Study Guide

August 30                Students complete Chapter 2 Test and complete Early Man Writing


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