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Professional Development Teachers
Customized Training to Budget


Teacher Training Team
Professional Development for Teachers
Instructor Team - Instructors, Curriculum, Programs,
Resources, We Do It All

This is a team of Adobe Certified Instructors, Adobe Education Leaders, Distinguished Educators with years of real-world applied technology in the classroom. We have a passion to equip educators at all levels to use technology to enhance curriculum and learning for K12 students. Why reinvent the wheel.

Customized Professional Development Training

Seminars, Workshops, Summer Camps, Weekends
Any time of year, any subject, any level
Teachers, administration, staff, students

Local, County, Region, State, Global

We provide a technology savvy group of experienced teachers to provide instructors, curriculum, equipment to create custom training seminars, workshops, camps for teachers, staff, students. We have already provided training in most US states, Bermuda, San Salvador, London and European Countries.

Douglas Mitchell

• Adobe Photoshop - Photo Editing Essentials & Beyond
• Adobe Premiere Pro - Video Editing Essentials & Beyond
• Digital Story Telling
• Adobe Acrobat Pro - What Teachers Can Do
• Adobe InDesign - Create Digital Documents & Export to PDF
• Adobe Illustrator - The Sleeping Artistic Giant
• Book: Digital Photography Techniques with Hands On Workshop
• Macintosh Computer - Introduction & Beyond

Adobe Photoshop
• Prepare photos for flyers, newsletters, presentations, handouts, workbooks
• Navigation and interface
• Crop and straighten
• Understand resolution for print, presentations, web
• Change height, width and resolution with crop tool and image size command
• Color correction, lightness, darkness, contrast, saturation, tint, temperature
• Isolate parts of an image using essential selection tools and skills
• Combine multiple photos using layer tools and effects
• Add type headlines and special effects using layers
• Add symbols and shapes
• Retouching: remove objects, fix blemishes, artifacts
• Fix red eye in one click
• Convert color to gray
• Class Duration
   Full day: Allows time to learn essential and some advanced features.
   Half day: Allows time to learn only essential features.

Adobe InDesign
Create Projects Immediately Use InDesign to publish digital documents for print, web, presentations as PDF. Create and publish flyers, invitations, lessons, brochures, posters, post cards, maps, books, guides, letters, greeting cards from InDesign - then Export to PDF to print, post to web, and make screen presentations on a projector. “Quick Start” training for InDesign. It's easy to transition from any word processor or page layout application.

Class Duration
We recommend two days of Hands On for memory retention of new material and getting practice. A smaller set of essentials can be taught in one day hands on. Lecture format seminars can easily be delivered in one day.

InDesign 101 Essential Topics
• Global preferences, options setup, viewing settings
• Interface: tools, palettes, color, gradients, text threading, typography
• Text frames: apply text attributes to frames in a one click
• Styles: paragraph, character, object
• Image frames: auto scale to fit proportionately
• File formats: .psd, pdf, .jpg, .tif, .png, .ai, .eps
• Manage links or embed files
• Create color swatches, color libraries
• Lines, custom shapes, options, transform palette
• Layers for organization
• Master pages and releasing master page elements
• Spell checking, auto correct
• Export to PDF
• Text frames, import, paste, typography
• Auto page numbering
• Change letter case style on the fly
• Store elements in custom Libraries
• Help library
• Auto file recovery
• Much more

Advanced Topics for InDesign

• Table of Contents (auto)
• Import video, sound, music
• Create URL links
• Create button interactivity for hyperlinks between pages
• Table creation and management

Digital Camera Workshop 101
Hands On Workshop Experience Based on the Free PDF Book:
Digital Camera & Photo Editing School for Teachers & Students
using Adobe Photoshop Elements (review > download)
• Learn Features, Settings common to all Point & Click Digital Cameras
• Understand & Practice and Classic Photographic Techniques
• Discover how to choose and use: camera setup options, best resolution settings, auto focus, action shooting, built-in shooting modes (portrait, landscape, night, action, etc.), review shots, delete one or all photos, taking photos extremely close up (macro), setting flash options, use auto timer feature, battery and safety tips. Learn and use the top ten classic photographic tips and techniques to shoot great photos.
• Start Digital Camera & Photo Editing Classes, Clubs, Programs, Camps, Personal
• Create Photo Projects for Students, Teachers, Staff Personal
• What You Can Publish with Photos
Reports, Essays, Science Projects, Flyers, Announcements, Awards, Signs, Photo of the Week, Charts, Presentations, Calendars, Event Photo Montages, Banners, Posters, Year Books, Maps, Web pages, Ads, Books, Cards, Magazines, Newsletters, Invitations, Directories, Manuals, Menus, Resumes, Schedules, Video titles, Technical Sheets, Manuals, Menus, Special Events, Class Projects, Field Trips

• Kudus for this book
Helen Gooch: this easy-to-use lesson book In preparation for the first digital photography and photo editing summer camp of 96 middle school students this June: “Our Summer Digital Photography Camp for Kids is designed, the kids are chosen, in a two weeks we begin; we would not be anywhere close, if it were not for your fantastic digital student and teacher book.” --Helen Gooch, Instructional Technology Coordinator Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools, Clarksville Tennessee

Adobe Illustrator 101
The Sleeping Artistic Giant...

• Access Thousands of Built-in Artwork Elements
• Use and edit on-board artwork immediately stored as Brushes, Graphic Styles and Symbols Libraries. Learn to edit color, size, shape, effects of artwork in a few easy steps. You don’t have to be a natural born artist to produce great artwork for projects.
• Tools & Palettes Setup
• Typography: type is converted to vectors with one command. Customize look and feel of type.
• Learn vector artwork construction: understand the predictable behavior of vector artwork. Add, delete and convert anchors points to control the formation of art.
• Pen Tool: discover absolutely predictable rules and techniques to draw vector curves. Draw and re-shape curve anchor points to create detail and structure.
• Export artwork & type to Photoshop: spice up Photoshop design and composition with Illustrator artwork. It's a copy/paste away from Photoshop.

Acrobat Pro for Educators
Creating Customized Course Materials with Adobe Acrobat

Instructional materials need effective and efficient delivery.
The task of integrating these into the classroom is critical as time-on-task efficiencies and distributed learning environments become the norm. Learn key workflows and skills for delivering curriculum and integrating instruction in a unified digital PDF environment.

Materials can be customized to fit different types of delivery. Acrobat can integrate a wide collection of files and document types as well as multimedia and web resources. With the interactive features that can be woven into digital curriculum materials and the added usage rights that can be given to users of the free Adobe Reader, more teachers and students can benefit from the use of Adobe PDF documents as a means of enhancing distributed learning and instruction.

These PDF Documents provide tools for including authentic responses, written and oral communication tools, document processing, and interactive media integration to improve instruction and enhance learning.

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Douglas Mitchell
Adobe Certified Instructor

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