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Free Nutrition Lessons for Educators
E4 = Eat | Energize | Exercise | Enjoy

Premise -
If children are informed about the food cycle at an early age, they develop healthy eating habits as a life style and practice portion control. This theme is anchored by the anachronism E4 = Eat,
Excerise, Energize, Enjoy.

Author: Douglas Mitchell:
Coming Soon: A Free Nutritian Lesson Book on PDF will be available soon.
Download: Brain Foods and Top Blood Sugar Foods List Booklet (below)
Standards & Facts: Lessons follow the state and federal standards for nutritician and education and facts are verified from federal FDA facts.

Curriculum Topics - E4
  • Health for Life — using e4 system: Eat, Energize, Exercise, Enjoy.
  • Why we eat food — explain various reasons for eating (taste good, hunger, energy, glucose, etc.).
  • What we eat — based on (3) food groups — carbohydrates, fats, proteins.
  • Eat-the-Rainbow — explains how food colors are related to essential nutritional values.
  • How food is turned into energy — empower your body to work, play, thinking.
  • How often to eat — explain body burn (metabolism) and glucose levels.
  • Food Life Cycle — how body processes food for energy, building, repair, health.
  • How digestion works — to process food for body functions (metabolizing).
  • How digestion works — explain the food cycle from ingestion, stomach, upper intestine, lower intestine, waste using visual animation story & function simulation.
  • Portion control — understand the food pyramid.
  • Portion control — determine portion sizes using visualizations (fit in hand) and actual food models.
  • Portion control — explain meal quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, fats (food pyramid).
  • Why eat healthy as kids — inspire for life long healthy eating habits.
  • Understanding package food labels — learn to analyze and calculate intake values.
  • Need for daily exercise — impact on body metabolism and life long commitment.
  • How and why to enjoy your healthy body — inspire about being healthy and feeling good).
  • Diabetes — how eating junk food, over eating, little exercise can lead to diabetes, organ diseases and other related problems.
  • Product Nutritional Labels — understand, calculate, make eating choices based on product labels.
Objectives - E4
  • Teach “Life Long Healthy Eating Habits”
    Strategically designed for (5) groups:
    Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Adults
  • Explain through animation story telling how the “Food Life Cycle” works in the body.
  • How the body processes food to energize, build and repair muscle, how organs and body systems work together to use food for our best health.
  • Explain how poor eating choices lead to diabetes, obesity, and other health problems.
  • Explain why daily exercise is critical to life long health and how exercise influences metabolism.
  • Teach kids to enjoy success from personal achievement and healthy eating choices.
Rationale - E4
  • Animation and simulation enables visual learning — to convey complex topics, quickly and easily.
  • Teaching healthy eating and how the body digests at an early age will change eating habits for life.
  • Explaining how and why our body works — teaches right thinking and better decision power.
  • Explaining how healthy food benefits our body and brain will inspire good eating habits.
Outline - E4
  • Digestion - Understanding Our Body as a Food Processing Factory
  • Food - Source of Health & Energy or Garbage In/Out
  • Eat–the–Rainbow - Finding Super Health on Nature’s Table
  • Portion Control - Use It for Energy or Store It for Fat
  • Energize - Fuel for Living an Action Packed Life
  • Exercise - Ready-Set-Go, Energy is Exchanged for Action
  • Enjoy — You Are Healthy, Now What, Enjoy Your Life

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Douglas Mitchell
Adobe Certified Instructor

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