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How to Change Education SPOCK12
History In Making Due to World Wide Web

Student Produced Online Curriculum K12
SPOCK12 original acronym & thinking by:
Douglas Mitchell |
Adobe Certified Instructor | Trained 75,00 students
over 15 years. Evaluated no less than 50,000 times.

SPOCK12 - Components & Assumptions

SPOCK12 says curiosity and passion drives learning and personal education. That students create web based collaborative curriculum about their personal interest and curiosity - leading to a career. Most any topic will supply content to satisfy state standards for reading, math, science, writing social science, art, technology, music, etc. Examples of topics are endless: medical, auto or motorcycle mechanics, electrician, plumber, hair stylist, layer, engineers, architecture, office technician, heavy equipment operator, nursing, medical technician, there are no major topics that don't employ knowledge standards within the total scope of topic discipline. (links below).

First Time In History
For the first time in history, SPOCK12 notion is possible and primed, due to the exhaustive research tributaries of the web and ability to develop online virtual communities of contributors from all levels of education, community and peers to design curriculum(s) that will lead the student to master their career field starting in 9th grade.

Role of Educators - Monitor, Manage Curriculum Building
SPOCK12 - student produced online curriculum K12 is guided and monitored by educators knowledge of curriculum substance and organization to include all topic elements to satisfy state standards (and more); however the topics and cross discipline fields are defined by the students through research into the substance of topic. Furthermore, like minded students can collaborate on curriculum all around the world to develop and exhaustive study for that specific topic. All of this is possible via world wide web.

Curiosity, Gifts, Talents, Guidance

  • SPOCK12 creates an education path that follows individual curiosity and passion (what does student want to learn).
  • Assumes that each student has a gift, a leaning, a desire, a talent to succeed in a particular area of endeavor.
  • That curiosity is the driving force to discover their gift.
  • That students who follow their curiosity have passion, commitment and motivation toward learning (lifelong learning).
  • That students need guidance, feedback, encouragement to help discover, affirm, discover, embrace and narrow field of curiosity.
Track Each Student for 12 Years
  • That student curiosities are tracked during their entire educational career starting in first grade. Start early to find common threads the student matures each year.
  • Tracking is the result of student interviews, which are the unbiased work of a guidance counselor or teacher who is trained to ask the right questions of elementary students.
  • That tracking will evolve into a clear understanding of a achievable endeavor - leading toward a career.
  • Track student desires, ambitions, passions, leanings, experiences, activities, school and community involvement, type of books read, and lots more.
  • Tracking results are stored in a database with the student record. A cross-reference database could be established nationwide.
State Standards Satisfied & Superceded
  • State standards are achieved within any major discipline.
  • Students learn at their own pace, their personal passion will propel them.
  • Student paced graduation (digital enrollment, advancement).
    Students can graduate at their pace with teacher assistance.
  • Middle school starts independent learning toward a personal passion, curiosity, research for a CAREER goal.
  • SPOCK12 instills LIFE LONG learning passion.
  • Never before could SPOCK12 work - web provides vehicle.
What SPOCK12 - Is NOT
  • NOT standard one size fits all boring, unrelated curriculum.
  • NOT about teachers telling students what they need to learn out of context with their life and ambitions.
  • NOT teach down to the lowest level and speed learner.
  • NOT taught in a vacuum outside of business world.
  • NOT being distracted by too many students talking.
  • NOT about wasted time of teacher getting control of class.
  • NOT without community involvement.

Traditional Education
Traditional education says educators know and dictate what topics, length of study, and depth of topic students need for twelve years. Obviously, there is some truth to the wisdom of age, however; this practice forces students into a learning classic learning environment that is usually not reliant, hypothetical, boring, meaningless and produces education dropouts in mind or body. This system for most is failing. Much of 9-12th grade learning has little or no reliance to their life. What a waste of time. Groom students to be masters of their ambition. Apple computer has documented several cases that proves this notion, with their high school multi-media production labs.

I repeat an important hypothesis: lets keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. We are on the historical brink of coming out of the dark ages of education. No offense to any one or group of educators, this is an evolutionary and revelatory process. In many ways you are NOT to blame. The future will reveal the story.

Once upon a time common understanding was the earth is flat (don't tell Google). It's really hard to believe and accept that we could be so far off the mark. We are! It's time for change in the way we educate our children. American is a land of free thinkers without retribution. Let us be much more FREE in our approach to education.

Criticism - Education & Educators
In talking to hundreds of teachers in many states. I found the heard and observed the following:
  • #1: As the school principal goes, so goes the school.
    Too much power in one person over teacher style to educate.
    This needs to change, teachers need an equal voice and access to a review board for arbitration, including parent input to keep favortism out of the judgement of intrenched principals.
    Control freak principlas destroy vibrant, fresh attitudes.
    They manage using fear and scar tackics.
  • Narrow mined attitudes and resistance to change (mostly fear).
  • Lost the ability for think creatively.
  • I do what I have to get by each day, don't rock the boat.
  • Protected by a system that can't fire poor performance.
    Many teachers are NOT teachers, they need to find other missions.
    Teaching is a gift, not a degree from a university.
  • Abiding time for retirement (apathy is the worst enemy).

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Douglas Mitchell
Adobe Certified Instructor

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